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Daikin Applied Europe - Quality

Quality, Environment, Health & Safety and Corporate Compliance

Daikin Applied Europe Quality

Daikin Applied Europe, sensitive to the need to ensure fairness and transparency in the conduct of business and corporate activities, deemed it appropriate to proceed with the design and implementation of the Organisation and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01 (of which the present model is its representation) to protect its image and position, expectations from the ownership and work of its employees.

The aim being pursued by Daikin Applied Europe in preparing the Model is therefore one of creating a structured and organic system of control procedures and activities aimed at gradually reduce the risk of offences being committed by identifying processes deemed to be very “sensitive” to their formalisation in procedures.

The Model particularly pursues the following aims:

- fully identify all those who work for and on behalf of the Company who might commit, in the event of any breach of the provisions contained therein, an offence punishable both from a criminal and administrative perspective, not only personally but also on the part of Daikin Applied Europe
- reiterate that these forms of illegal behaviour are strongly condemned by the Company as being contrary to the provisions of law and the principles of business ethics with which the company intends to comply in the exercise of its business activities
- enable the Company to take action, through the monitoring and control of the processes which are most exposed, as a precautionary measure in order to combat the offences being committed


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Green Energy use

4 essentials values to be taken into consideration during the production process, by considering renewable energy sources as public affairs. As a company of the Daikin Group, Daikin Applied Europe sees the integration of environmental initiatives into company management as a priority.

Strategic objectives

• Minimize operation’s carbon footprint.
• Adoption of ISO14001 environmental certification.
• Product design minimizing environmental impact during construction process.
• Reduce CO2 emissions using 100% of energy produced from renewable source.