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Daikin Applied Europe - Design


Our products standard is as high as our range is diverse. In 1992 we were first to invest on the new environmental safe refrigerant, discontinuing the CFC base air-conditioning products. Today, the company's entire range of chillers use HFC refrigerants with ozone depletion potential (ODP) equal to zero.

We were the first company in the world to use the Open Protocol optimising the unit performance and facilitating the intercommunication with remote Building Automation Systems. We invest a large revenue percentage in R & D to pursue the latest technological innovations and to maintain our world leadership. We are in a field where continuous research and development are necessary to ensure that our products remain ahead of those of our competitors: top quality is our goal. However this is not enough for us and for our customer. Every component is fully tested before, during and after its application on our units.

Daikin Applied Europe perform a full load test of every chiller at the factory before the delivery. All our employees from managers, engineers & technicians to sale representatives we are always committed to assure accurate products and services being also friendly to the environment.