Mixed-use complex

Daikin provided R-32 Scroll Heat Pump technology for a comfort cooling and heating project involving a mixed-use complex.


Daikin provided its R-32 Scroll Heat Pump technology for a mixed-use building needing both comfot cooling and heating.

The project was executed in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and involved a mixed-use building located at the office Park “Poort van Metz”. The facility combines offices and commercial space.


1x EWYT-B – R-32 Air to Water Heat Pump


The main aspects for this HVAC project were environmentally friendliness of the system and of course, energy efficiency to generate savings on the energy bills.

The project required technology able to provide cooling or heating depending on the time of the year. That led to choosing a heat pump solution. The main aspects driving the choice towards Daikin air to water heat pump EWYT-B, were energy efficiency, reliability and environmentally friendliness.

For this project they also wanted to be sure to install a product with proven reliability, and Daikin was a very easy choice in this sense.


The R-32 heat pump range by Daikin managed to meet all this needs, thanks to the lowest CO2 emissions – both direct and indirect – among the products in the same segment, the outstanding efficiency ratings, and last, but not least, the quality ensured by the Brand Daikin, especially when it comes to products featuring R-32 refrigerant.

The EWYT-B R-32 heat pump is part of the Bluevolution Series, a range of modern and advanced technologies featuring R-32 refrigerant, which aim to significantly reduce the environmental impact of Air Conditioning technologies for the commercial sector. All this, of course, without affecting the performance of the units and their ability to produce the required level of comfort.

as far as reliability, Daikin is the brand with highest number of R-32 installations in the world. That is the evidence of the experience, the reliability and the quality offered by a brand that was an innovator and made history in 2018, introducing the world’s first R-32 refrigerant chiller and establishing an unrivalled leadership in R-32 product design and development.

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