Residential building

Supplying R-32 heat pump technology for a project involving a residential building in, the Netherlands.


Daikin has recently supplied technology for a project involving a residential building in, the Netherlands. It was a project executed in the context of the renovation of a residential building, which of course, had energy efficiency as a main aspect.


EWYT-B + Altherma monobloc


The project aimed at making the 121 apartments building in Hoensbroek, a high energy efficiency building, thanks to Daikin heat pumps.

For this project it was very important having a heat pump that could ensure great performance and low CO2.


The EWYT-B- R-32 Air to Water heat Pump installed for this project, is well-known for providing the best performance in the market and the lowest combined levels of direct and indirect CO2 emissions. That is possible thanks to the low GWP R-32 refrigerant, but also thanks to the best in class efficiency levels offered both in cooling and in heating modes.

With the EWYT-B- series, Daikin managed to offer a solution that perfectly balanced Environmental impact and energy efficiency, but also safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

In fact, being part of the Bluevolution range, the EWYT-B- series benefits of all the advantages offered by R-32, a refrigerant aiming at significantly reducing the environmental impact of heat pump technologies for the Applied sector while still providing great performance.

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