Negative CO2 emission Data Center

Daikin has supplied 4 water cooled chiller units to meet the cooling needs of a negative CO2 emission data center in Sweden.


Daikin has supplied 4 water cooled chiller units from the VZ Series to meet the cooling needs of a negative CO2 emission data center in Sweden.

The data center is an interesting one as it is a negative CO2 emission facility, and it is interesting to see how Daikin technology can be beneficial for such a facility to achieve climate positive goals.



Total cooling capacity: 4 MW

Phase II: 8x EWWH VZ will be installed in the next phase


The four VZ chillers have been installed to provide chilled water used to control the temperature in the different area of the facility, as data centers usually generate a huge quantity of heat which could overheat servers and components.

The main aspects in the project were reliability of the chiller units, the need for great energy efficiency levels both at full and partial load and low GWP.

Especially energy efficiency and GWP were really important aspects for this project, as the data center aimed at being a climate positive facility, entirely operated on energy coming from renewable sources.

With its unique location 200 km northwest of Stockholm, the data center has access to nearby wind farms and hydropower plants, which generate very low CO₂ emissions.

The site is connected to a city’s CHP (Combined heat and power) plant and thanks to a unique solution, the generated heating is used to heat surrounding properties.

For such an innovative facility, with such a high level of attention towards environmental impact minimization, Daikin managed to provide technology which helped achieving the project’s ambitions.


Daikin’s VZ Series fully met the needs of the project thanks to the incredibly high efficiency offered. That was possible thanks to the screw inverter compressor, fully optimized to guarantee the best performance with HFO refrigerant R-1234ze, which also ensures very low GWP (7).

The Daikin inverter technology directly integrated in the compressor, then, helped ensuring even greater performance of the compressors, especially at partial load, allowing chillers to perfectly match the cooling capacity demand from the facility, based on the workload the servers might have to manage in the different moments of the day.

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