Virtual Factory Tour

Virtual Factory Tour

Virtual, guided, interactive

Daikin Applied Europe’s factories can now be visited from remote thanks to the new virtual factory tour service. All manufacturing facilities are available for 360° tours guided by Daikin’s engineers.

Chiller, heat pumps and compressors factory

Cecchina factory was originally founded in 1969. Since then the whole plant has expanded both in size and in terms of manufacturing facilities. Today Cecchina factory covers more than 20,000 sqm and allows to manufacture over 10,000 chillers and over 5,000 compressors.

AHU factory

It is the largest Daikin European AHU factory and is located near Milan. It was established in 2009 and manufactures over 2,500 air handling units per year, offering technology ensuring high energy efficiency and high indoor air quality levels, under any operating condition.

Inverter factory

The Power Electronics Division was opened in 2018. At that time Daikin decided to invest in the acquisition of a team of professionals, fully dedicated to the development of Inverter technology.

The need for greater efficiency of the compressors, and the increased attention on energy savings, has pushed Daikin to consider the in-house development of this technology strategically important for the company to offer a complete package of solutions.

In Vicenza, Daikin Applied Europe design and produce the inverters which are directly integrated in the Daikin in-house developed screw compressors, just like Daikin design and produce electrical panels with inverter for centrifugal compressors.