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Daikin recently supplied a heat pump unit from the R-32 Small inverter Chiller Series, to meet the cooling and heating needs of one of the offices of Italy’s postal service provider.


Products Installed:



Cooling/Heating capacity: 40 kW


About the project


The project was executed in Milan and involved a relatively small branch of Italy’s postal service provider in the outskirts of Milan. Despite the size, the office is usually extremely busy and required a solution able to meet occupants’ comfort expectations, plus the energy efficiency requirements from the end customer.

The main goal was offering a solution which could provide the building with the needed comfort heating or cooling – based on the season – while being highly efficient from an energy consumption perspective, also ensuring great reliability and very low running costs.



About the solution


The solution supplied features full inverter technology, which makes the heat pump able to adjust the cooling or heating load based on the actual needs of the building, ensuring the high energy efficiency that the customer was expecting.

Also, thanks to the compact footprint, the unit perfectly fitted the installation space available on site, solving what could look like an issue at first.

Besides energy efficiency and footprint, then, availability at stock was another relevant aspect, as the customer had to meet a tight deadline. The fact that the R-32 Small Inverter Chiller Series is always available at stock helped a lot, allowing the project to be completed on time.

Lastly, reliability was ensured by Daikin’s huge experience in developing R-32 technology.

In 2018, Daikin was an early innovator and made history by introducing the first R-32 refrigerant chillers, followed by free-cooling scroll units the same year, and the R-32 Heat Pump in 2020.

Today, Daikin is the brand with the highest number of R-32 installations in the world, as a testimony to the experience, the knowledge, the quality and the reliability of its R-32 products.

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