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The Bilma business center in Madrid is the perfect example of how Daikin can guarantee a complete HVAC solution including ventilation, air conditioning, hot water production, underfloor heating, integrated system control and remote monitoring.




7x Daikin D-AHU R/P Series

Daikin VRVs

Daikin Altherma system

I-Touch Manager

Daikin on Site


About the products and the project


Daikin was involved in the Bilma project to replace an old HVAC system which was no longer meeting modern standards both in terms of energy efficiency and regulations.

The solution provided by Daikin includes 7 high efficiency air handling units, one per each floor of the 6-storey business center, plus 1 more air handling unit to ensure the cafeteria has the needed air exchange rate. The 7 air handling units guarantee perfect indoor air quality in the building.

Besides air handling units, the system also includes VRV and Daikin altherma units, to provide the necessary cooling for air conditioning, and heating for both the underfloor heating and hot sanitary water. The system also offers the I-Touch Manager to efficiently control the entire building from one centralised interface with the Daikin Building Management System (BMS), and Daikin on Site, for remote monitoring and control.

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More about the application



The Bilma building is essentially an office building, a business center offering modern office space to companies and businesses that, of course, deserve great comfort and indoor air quality standards.

Among the main aspects that determined consultants’ choice to go with Daikin as a supplier for this project, energy efficiency and compliance with regulations were definitely very important.

Daikin not only managed to meet the end user needs in terms of energy efficiency thanks to the advanced technology, but also managed to meet needs in terms of footprint of the units. In fact, being this project a replacement project, it was crucial that the units supplied could fit the existing space destined to the HVAC plant.

And then again, the topic of indoor air quality was central to the project, as it is to any project that aims to create a good working environment for people.

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Indoor air is usually more polluted than outdoor air, as it contains a wide range of particles or even viruses.

So, poor indoor air quality is a symptom of an unhealthy work environment, which also negatively impacts employees’ cognitive abilities or causes them to fall ill more often. but good ventilation system can definitely help creating a healthy workplace and even make people more productive.

Daikin air handling units at Bilma will help providing employees in the building with modern and a high-quality working environment, ensuring proper ventilation of the premises and filtration of indoor air, so the occupants can breathe the purest possible air while at work.

Creating an environment with good indoor air quality, then, not only will allow companies to ensure employees wellbeing and increase their productivity, but will also protect them during this pandemic, minimizing the possibility of infection form Coronavirus.

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