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Daikin has recently supplied a comprehensive ventilation solution within a project involving an entire facility dedicated to one of the most important exhibition space for the aerospace sector in France.


Products installed


  • 15x D-AHU Professional with Digital Controls and DX coils for VRV integration
  • 60x VRV
  • Total airflow: 350,000 m3/h
  • Total cooling capacity: 2,5 MW


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About the project


The facility is approximately 65,000 m3 big and needed a solution able to provide heating or cooling based on seasonal needs, plus ventilation, so air exchange needs could be satisfied, and indoor air quality (IAQ) targets could be met.

The challenge in this project was providing a huge pavillon with space heating, cooling, and IAQ, while ensuring high energy efficiency.

To do that, Daikin provided an innovative high induction air distribution system, with 15 Air Handling Units (AHU), each connected to 4 VRVs, all controlled at variable flow rate with a master/slave logic. This will allow the system maintain CO2 levels constantly low and satisfy the load demand adjusting to occupancy changes throughout the day. Of course, this will guarantee maximum energy efficiency of the system and substantial saving on operative costs.


More about the solution supplied 


Indoor Air Quality was a key aspect in the project. Mechanical ventilation systems are essential to provide people and businesses with a more comfortable environment, especially in buildings designed to ensure thermal insulation at the expense of natural ventilation.

Daikin supplied a solution able to constantly keep pollutants and CO2 levels well below the threshold indicated, thanks to air exchange and air filtration through best-in-class filters.

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Besides IAQ, the ability to manage variable flow rate through master/slave logic was also very relevant. That has been made possible thanks to a custom control solution developed for the purpose, as demonstration of Daikin’s flexibility and ability to provide solutions that can perfectly meet customers’ needs.

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