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A multipurpose chiller for a hospital can be a very good choice. We met Mr Leon Magill, Mechanical Engineer, and Mr Jeremy Reynolds, M&E Project Manager, both from Kier Construction. They are working on the Heatherwood Hospital, an NHS hospital in Ascot, Berkshire (UK). They have recently been at Daikin Applied Europe for a factory test, to personally verify the performance of their multipurpose unit. At the same time they were kind enough to share their experience with Daikin.


Daikin multipurpose chiller for Heatherwood Hospital


  • 2 x Daikin EWYD-4Z
  • Cooling capacity: 818 kW
  • Heating capacity: 1040 kW
  • 2 x Small Chillers of 70 kW each

“The Heatherwood Hospital is a 4 floors medical facility. It has 22 beds, 6 operation theaters, X-ray and MRI department, an outpatient department and endoscopy. It is roughly 10,000 sqm big.

The multipurpose chiller will provide cooling, heating and sanitary hot water. It will provide cooling to the operating theaters, where there is a quite significant heat gain from equipment. It will also provide cooling to server rooms and for the fan coil units in the rooms. We will use, then, the two 70 kW small chillers in stand-by for the MRI.


Project main aspects


“Efficiency was a very important aspect, because we had to comply with building regulations. Compactness, then, is important as well. We have got very tight plant space for the chillers, therefore we needed to get that output with the smallest possible chiller”.


Clients experience with Daikin


“It is our first experience with Daikin and we are very satisfied. Everybody has been very supportive. Daikin helped a lot with saving space. They have also helped saving time with the project. They are providing a good service. Also, they explained the test very well and the testing facility is very good”.


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