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A 4-pipe or multipurpose chiller is essentially a hybrid solution allowing to provide buildings with both chilled water and hot water at the same time.

For a long-time HVAC projects have faced the need for simultaneous cooling and heating installing boilers and chillers and having them operate at the same time. This system layout still makes sense for many projects. In fact, every HVAC project has peculiarities that need to be considered, but a multipurpose unit can be a viable solution that should always be considered as an option.

How a multipurpose chiller works

4-pipe or multipurpose chillers allow buildings to operate without the need for additional boilers. These systems are capable of simultaneously providing constant chilled water for air-conditioned areas, constant hot water for heating circuits, and a proportional amount of sanitary hot water.

All that is possible thanks to a design that allows the unit to manage two separate loops – one for chilled water and the other for hot water.

When a multipurpose chiller is the best choice

These hybrid systems are used in buildings that have a need for cooling and heating at the same time throughout the year. The possible installations for a 4-pipe chiller are several. They are usually the ideal solution for all those buildings undergoing strong opposite variable loads during the whole year. The applications are usually large buildings with a double and opposite sun exposure. Airports, hotels, banks, wellness centers and hospitals, for instance. Hospitals are quite relevant applications. In operating theatres, in fact, the demand for cooling or heating is usually independent from the season.

Daikin multipurpose solution advantages

Daikin EWYD-4Z is the answer to those projects facing the need for simultaneous cooling, heating and hot sanitary water. But why should anybody choose Daikin 4-pipe solution?

The EWYD-4Z allows to significantly reduce costs. In fact, compared to more traditional systems, it can deliver the same cooling capacity ensuring 30% lower energy consumptions. On top of that, EWYD-4Z is an extremely flexible solution thanks to its wide operating envelope.

Among the features making this unit a flexible option there is the boosted operation mode. Thanks to the variable speed drive of the compressor it can provide an “extra” capacity in the coldest days during winter or the hottest during summer.  The default integrated Rapid Restart, then, allows the unit to restart in less than 30 seconds after a power failure, making it a suitable solution for all those applications where continuity of operations is fundamental.

Energy efficiency, then, is another important advantage Daikin EWYD-4Z offers. Its in house built single screw compressor with integrated inverter and Variable Volume Ratio technology ensures top class efficiency values.


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