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Daikin R-32 chiller is a great option for hospitals’ HVAC systems. Here is another example of how this range can meet the need of medical facilities.

In this project Daikin replaced an old Screw chiller which was having issues. The building is a medical facility, most specifically The Dublin Dental University Hospital on Trinity College’s Campus. The project was followed by Mr Ciaron McCarthy from Daikin Ireland and Mr Stephen McEneaney, Contracts Manager at Reconair Services Ltd., which is currently the incumbent maintenance/service provider for the University Hospital.

Unit Installed:


1 x R-32 EWAT-B- chiller


Project background


Mr Stephen McEneaney said about this project:

“The Chiller was supplied to replace an old Screw machine which has had numerous issues over its recent lifetime. It is supplying 3no air handling units which serve Treatment Theatre areas and numerous fan coil units. The Building being served is The Dublin Dental University Hospital on Trinity College’s Campus.

The client required an efficient and reliable machine with Low Global Warming Potential (GWP). The consultants for this project have specified Daikin on numerous projects in Dublin and we felt the Daikin EWAT-B- was the perfect fit. In fact, its features proved very attractive for the client. The only thing that the consultant/client asked of us, is that we propose an efficient and reliable chiller. Chiller was selected by Ciaron McCarthy of Daikin Ireland based on Duty required and Footprint available to meet the project specification”.



As already mentioned, the low GWP was an important requirement for this project, and that is the reason behind R-32 as a refrigerant choice for the unit installed. This choice in fact, allowed to address a very important need – using technology which can significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Refrigerants are more than ever necessary since the cooling and heating needs of our world are growing. So, it is important to find future-proof solutions to current challenges, contributing to mitigating refrigerants environmental impact.

Daikin, as company who has a unique expertise coming from manufacturing and producing both equipment and refrigerant, has identified R-32 as the most balanced refrigerant in terms of Environmental Impact, Energy Efficiency, Safety (R-32 is classified as a A2L – low flammability) and Cost-Effectiveness for residential air conditioners, commercial and industrial chillers and Heat Pumps . That is why Daikin has invested in the Bluevolution series, which includes the EWAT-B- chiller as well – the world’s 1st Air-Cooled chiller featuring R-32 refrigerant and scroll compressor technology.


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