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Probably there is no application where reliability is as vital as it is in hospitals, where HVAC systems have ensure cooling and/or heating 24 days a week. At the Klinikum Mermherzige Brüder Regensburg Hospital, absolute reliability is ensured by a total of four Daikin chillers, which are providing cooling to operating room, equipments and technical rooms.


Products involved:


4 x EWLD-J

Total cooling capacity: 1.2 MW


Project details


The Klinikum Mermherzige Brüder in Regensburg – with 955 beds – is among the largest hospitals in Germany. About 48,000 is the number of patients the hospital deals with on a daily basis.

The hospital had to replace 2 old chillers in the HVAC plant and decided to use Daikin again, as they already replaced other 2 chillers in 2002.

The two new Daikin condenserless chillers, together with the others installed in 2002, now provide cooling to operating rooms, equipment and radiological devices such as MRI or CT, but also laboratories.

The compact footprint of the J Series by Daikin was a godsend, as the units had to be installed indoor and the technical room did not offer much space.

The air-cooled condensers, instead, are installed separately on the roof of the hospital. “The space-saving aspect and the separate installation are another plus for the hospital,” says Holger Kempf, Managing Director of Kempf Refrigeration & Air Conditioning from Regensburg, who has followed the project from the start. “This installation proves how Daikin can easily integrate and connect to existing systems, also communicating with no problem whatsoever with the building management systems.”


Convinced by quality 


“We have been working with Daikin chillers for a long time now, and we are very satisfied with the technology. Personally, I was very pleased to know Daikin was chosen again. The installation was perfect, also because the plant infrastructure was already in place,” emphasizes Johann Rist, Deputy Head of Operations Technology at the hospital.

In this project, efficiency was among the main requirements Daikin had to satisfy, and the very high efficiency levels of the units installed definitely met the efficiency needs of the client.

But reliability was even more important!

Daikin’s single screw compressors definitely helped with reliability, as they are designed to be extremely reliable.

Daikin single screw, differently from other screw compressors, uses one main screw mashing with twin star rotors to produce volume matching compression cycle. Due to the main rotor, balanced in both radial and axial direction, the compressor bearing has extremely high reliability. Therefore, its life span can be longer than other screw compressors. The single screw compressor, then, has only three moving parts. As a result of that, possibilities of failure are reduced, and operation costs are kept at a lower level.


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