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Daikin has recently supplied two R-32 scroll heat pumps to an event company in Spain. The units have been installed to provide chilled water to the Ice Rink during the winter season.


Products installed


2x EWYT-B-

Total cooling capacity: 850 kW

Total heating capacity: 950 kW


About the project


The two R-32 heat pumps from the Daikin Bluevolution range are being used to provide the right amount of cooling to an outdoor ice rink, in Madrid. The aim of the installation is to maintain the skating surface in perfect conditions and guarantee a great experience to skaters who will be enjoying the ice rink during winter. To do that, the heat pumps provide chilled water at minus 13 °C, and when the season will be over, will be switched to heating mode, to defrost the skating surface.

The main aspects in this project were:

  • reliability
  • and the possibility to defrost the skating surface using technologies that could be powered by green energy instead of using boilers


More about the product and the project


The R-32 heat pump by Daikin ended up being a perfect solution to meet sustainability targets for this project, as combines both high efficiency levels and low environmental impact, thanks to R-32 refrigerant. In fact, R-32 perfectly balances low GWP, low refrigerant charge (compared to R-410A) and energy efficiency levels, helping significantly reduce carbon emissions, also opening up the possibility to use reclaimed refrigerant.

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Reliability, then, was guaranteed by the huge experience Daikin has in R-32 technology development, with an unparalleled number of installations across the world.

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