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Solution for a business center

The NivAxis Gate Business & Conferences Center is a Business and Conferences Center located in Nivelles, Belgium. It offers all-in services to their neighbours in the Business park or to anyone in need of a place to work, a meeting room or meeting space, while enjoying a nice coffee or delicious lunch. Daikin proudly provided a total solution to ensure ultimate comfort for the customers. In collaboration with HERVAC, Super Dealer at Daikin, and BDA design office.  


Units installed: 


5x Air Handling Units Daikin Modular R 

6x VRV


Project background 


The Gate is a remarkable and modern building with an area of ​​3,000 m². The business center serves the companies in the business park, offering meeting rooms and meeting spaces. Maximum comfort for the customer is at the heart of this service, and Daikin’s air handling solution is an important part of this. The building includes 2,200 m² of modular offices, 60 offices from 15 to 45 m², 10 conference rooms with a maximum capacity of 120 people, coworking spaces, a lounge, a bar and a restaurant. Essentially, everything the modern businessman and companies need. “In all of these activities, we prioritize the comfort of our customers,” said Pascal Segers, Managing Director of The Gate. “The quality of the indoor air and the temperature of the room are essential for this. We rely on a Daikin air treatment installation to meet our requirements.” 


Indoor Air Quality 


Air quality is a very important topic in the workplace and that applied for business centers too, where air quality becomes part of the service and experience offered to clients using the facility for business meetings or conventions. Indoor air quality is influenced by penetrating outdoor air, specific indoor pollution sources and lack of air recirculation. Some pollutants may be even 2 to 5 times more concentrated indoor than outdoor. For this reason, it is important to have a system that can filter outdoor air and ensure proper ventilation and air exchange in indoor environments. Mechanical ventilation systems featuring high quality filters and ensuring Air-flows separation, are a great solution to guarantee a high level of indoor air-quality.


On top of that, these systems are becoming more and more relevant due to the COVID-19 situation as a means to minimize the spread of the virus in indoor environments. 


Read more about how ventilation systems can help minimizing the spread of Coronavirus in indoor environments. 


The HVAC system 


The modularity of the building required an easily adaptable system. The objective was therefore to find a modular, responsive and efficient solution that constantly adapts to the needs of different spaces. The solution was found with a system integrating Daikin VRVs in combination with Daikin Air Handling Units, Modular R Series. 


“The most important thing was to provide a global solution”, explains Adrien Sap, Consulting Sales Engineer at Daikin Belux. “For this project, we opted for different integrated systems. 6 Daikin VRV IV 3 pipes with energy recovery which provide air conditioning in offices”. Each office space is equipped with a wall control. Users can regulate the temperature themselves with the Madoka remote control. 


“On the ground floor, for the restaurant, the lounge and the bar area, we proposed a solution ensuring air conditioning via ventilation, using the continuous heating from the VRV IV system. There are no false ceilings, the pipes have deliberately remained visible and have been painted black, for a more industrial look”. 

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The importance of comfort and temperature control  


As far as the conference rooms, comfort is very important here. Occupancy can go from 0 to 120 people in a few minutes. In order to ensure a healthy climate and a comfortable temperature, the system must be able to adapt quickly to the circumstances. “The quality of our service also depends on comfort and air-conditioning. People immediately notice if it’s too hot or too cold. Comfort is a big factor in customer satisfaction. As a business center, we think comfort is very important”, says Pascal Segers. This is why the building management system is also linked to the room reservation system and is activated according to the occupancy of the rooms. With the ITouch Manager, changes can be made at any time and users can also adjust the temperature themselves. 


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