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Daikin has recently supplied 3 heat pump units featuring screw inverter compressor to an Italian airport. The project aimed at replacing the old HVAC system with a more modern and efficiency one.


Products Installed



1x D- AHU Modular P

4x VRV


Project background


For this project the customers needed to provide a busy airport in the north of Italy with very efficient and reliable technology, to upgrade the old HVAC system. Daikin managed to offer a total solution able to provide all the spaces in the airport with cooling or heating based on the need, hot sanitary water, and mechanical ventilation.

That was possible thanks to a mix of screw inverter heat pumps and VRV heat pumps by Daikin, which have been used to split the cooling and heating demand of the entire facility, hot sanitary water included. To provide the airport with the right amount of ventilation, instead, a Daikin Modular P air handling units has been installed. This solution not only will allow the airport to get the amount of air exchange that is needed, but will also help saving energy, thanks to the premium quality counter flow plate heat exchanger featured on this AHU Series, which will help recovering up to 93% of thermal energy.


Energy efficiency 


The most important aspect for this project was definitely energy efficiency, as it is important for airport operators that energy consumptions are kept as low as possible.

Screw inverter technology had an important role in that sense.


Read more about screw compressor technology HERE.



Daikin was chosen as a partner in this project also for the ability to supply the customers with a Plug & Play and complete package, i.e., a ready-to-use combination of heat pumps for heating and cooling, and Daikin Air Handling Units for ventilation. This possibility ensured customers could get the increased energy efficiency benefits of a package of technological solutions made and optimized to efficiently work together, plus, easy and fast installation.


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