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High ambient temperatures, desert dust, coastal environment and use of seawater combined in mega projects. Stadiums, headquarters, industrial districts, universities, shopping centers, hotels are only a part of applications where our air cooled chillers have been appreciated by our customers. Middle East climatic challenges are Daikin bread and butter. This results in a set of products and technical customizations specific for this geographical area.

This success is grounded on technology and competences. We developed product ranges specifically designed to ensure the best performance and reliability even in harsh environments. That is, typical of Middle Eastern countries.

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Air Cooled Chiller Overview

Air cooled Chiller ranges for Middle East

Daikin is worldwide recognized for high performance and reliability over the entire product portfolio. As a result, the concept is especially true for our air cooled chiller ranges.

In this scenario, EWAD-MZ family represents a reference product for many projects. It is powered by Daikin’s single Screw Compressors and industry-first Variable Volume Ratio (VVR) determining an optimal internal compression ratio leading to sky-high chiller’s performance at all ambient conditions.

“EWAD-MZ series is a range thought and designed to perform in environmental conditions that are specific to the Middle East, i.e. temperatures between 46° and 55° Celsius. The compressor generally used for such applications is a Daikin single screw technology compressor with an in-built inverter, which allows the inrush current on these chillers to be near to zero. This is extremely important for the Middle East market and Dubai in particular, because it makes these machines compliant with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority directives.

Also, the inverter is enclosed in a box to isolate the component from external agents – dust for instance – and, being refrigerant cooled, it can perform with no problem whatsoever in high temperature environments. Another important technical solution used on the compressor in these machines is the VVR (Variable Volume Ratio) technology, which allows to further improve efficiency. These are the technical solutions used on chillers involved in Middle East projects to allow them to perform in that specific environment”, Francesco Di Giovanni – Product Manager, Screw Chillers Technology.

Nonetheless, the complete package of product air cooled chiller solutions for high ambient temperature includes also other relevant ranges. That is, EWAD-TZ and EWAD-CZ, with Daikin Inverter single screw compressor. As well,  also Daikin single screw fixed speed compressor chillers as EWAD-M-, EWAD-C- and EWAD-D- are widely appreciated in the market.

Chiller Options for Middle East

As stated, environmental conditions deserve special solutions. This is the reason why an extensive list of options is made available. Indeed, it is essential to get the proper fit between project needs and units’ configuration. In this sense, High Ambient Kit is a key case. It includes oversized electrical equipment (e.g. main switch, fuses, cables) to guarantee reliability and components’ operating life, even in case of operation with high ambient temperature. As well, High Ambient Kit also introduces a dedicated Sunshield to effectively protect components in the electrical panel from aggressive sunbeams. Depending on the model, then, further protection for electrical equipment is obtained via an enhanced ventilation in the electrical panel. As well, refrigerant condensing temperature control is ensured by dedicated fans speed control.

In addition, condenser coils can be protected thanks to external surface protections. Of course, the solutions offered depend on the type of condenser coil. Examples of protections offered are: Blue-coat and Alucoat (smart protections), E-coating and Blygold treatment (top, gold level protection). Certainly, all of them are aimed to ensure the proper unit performance and reliability over time. Furthermore, these solutions are used when the installation is in a dusty or salty, corrosive environment (desert, coastal areas, industrial installation).

Finally, several customers appreciated our products, in many different fields. Contact us by using the form below to get more info on our products, or check out our LinkedIn profile to get more information on customer feedbacks.


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