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Daikin R-32 heat pumps

In this project Daikin offered a highly efficient ventilation solution for one of the many branches of a large supermarket chain in Germany. The supermarket also houses fast food restaurants, a butcher shop and a bakery, and of course, being a very busy environment, really needed to guarantee very good levels of indoor air quality to customers. 

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Units Installed 


1x Modular P 

1x ERQ condensing unit 200 AW 1  

1x Water Coil for heating 


The project in greater detail 


The Daikin Air Handling Unit was installed on the rooftop of this supermarket to ensure this branch has a highly energy efficient ventilation system, meeting both customers’ needs for a healthy and comfortable environment and operators’ needs to keep operative costs low. 

For this project Daikin provided a Eurovent A+ class unit to satisfy the expectations of the supermarket operators, but the solution provided in this case offers much more than just energy efficiency. 

The customer has received an all in one plug and play system from Daikin – a direct expansion cooling and heating system with control and pre-wiring. The system included, other than the Daikin Modular P Air Handling Unita ERQ- AW1 condensing unit by Daikin. The combination of the two technologies not only ensures peace of mind for the customer who can refer to a single supplier. It also ensures really high energy efficiency levels, thanks to the Inverter technology in both products.  


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Daikin Air Handling Units Modular P

But also thanks to the premium quality counter flow plate heat exchanger in the Modular P, which can recover up to 93% of thermal energyallowing savings on heating bills for more than 25%. 

And then, there is the aspect of the Indoor Air Quality and air-flows separation. The Modular P Air Handling Unit can guarantee a high level of separation of the air flows, thanks to the aluminum counter-flow exchanger, which, as it is not permeable, makes the contamination between the air flows entering and leaving the unit impossible. 


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