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An efficient chiller for a pharmaceutical company is what Daikin has recently provided with its low GWP Single Screw Inverter TZ series. The chiller has been recently commissioned  for a recently executed project involving a large pharmaceutical firm in Cork – Ireland.



Units Installed:


Total capacity: 170 kW



Low GWP and sustainability


Choosing the TZ series, the industrial HVAC specialist BRIAN A. FLYNN Ltd. has supplied a single screw inverter chiller with HFO refrigerant.

This means both the end user and the installer were looking for a sustainable and future-proof solution, that could be a real alternative to technology using R-134a refrigerant.

R-1234ze refrigerant, in fact, stands out for having a very low GWP (7 vs 1300 of the R134a), and also ensures very efficient chiller operations.

These two aspects definitely make this refrigerant a future-proof choice. Especially if we consider the more and more stringent environmental regulations we have in Europe.

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Unit’s footprint


Another interesting aspect to observe, is then how the HVAC literature comparing R-1234ze with R-134a, has been stressing the following concept:

“A comparison of the compressor size and speed […] indicates that R-1234ze chiller compressor is larger in size and operates at a lower speed (rpm) for the same chiller capacity”.*

And actually air-cooled chillers’ footprint is an aspect that the use of R-1234ze can affect.

In fact, air-cooled chillers using R-1234ze refrigerant are usually bigger in size than those using R-134a, even if they provide the same exact cooling capacity. That is an aspect Daikin has been working on in the recent years. And thanks to the work of our engineers, the footprint aspect has been overcome in the new TZ-C range.

All that has been possible thanks to an in-depth study and optimization of every single component used in the TZ series.

Thanks to the new generation of Daikin single screw compressors, for example, this range confirms, or even improves, the high efficiency levels provided by the TZ chillers with R-134a, and thanks to a new design also keeps the units relatively compact, even in high capacity units.


The importance of inverter technology


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The units provided for this project also benefits from Daikin refrigerant cooled inverter – or Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). An electronic power component that, by varying the frequency of the motor power supply, modulates the compressor rotational speed (RPM) and in such a way controls the compressor capacity.

Since chillers usually spend most of their operating time at part load conditions, this technology is fundamental to help chillers perform as efficiently as possible. Even at part load conditions.


* Comparison of R134a and R1234ze for New Chiller Systems and for Fluid (Drop-In) in Existing Systems Francis A. Di Bella, P.E. Adam Weaver Colin Osborne


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