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Engelbert Strauss needed an environmentally friendly HVAC solution and chose Daikin technologies to provide its CI Factory with both cooling and air conditioning.

Units installed:


Total Cooling capacity: 3,450 kW

The gigantic production site of the well-known manufacturer of professional clothing, footwear and accessories in Schlüchtern, near Frankfurt am Main. The factory was built from scratch in 2017 and completed in 2019 and has an area of 90,000 m2. Almost 55,000 m2 needed air conditioning. That equates to almost eight football pitches. In order to meet the customer requirements for temperature control, comfort, and energy-efficient operations, five Daikin chillers for a total nominal capacity of 3,450 kW were installed. All of them featured the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-1234ze, which has a particularly low global warming potential (GWP value of 7).

The CI Factory – built according to the Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV 2014/2017 – is the new state-of-the-art production site of the family-owned company, which manufactures work clothes and shoes for commercial customers in more than 30 countries.

Main goal – sustainability

Engelbert Strauss set the highest standards of innovation not only with its products, but also in the Factory in terms of temperature control and environmental sustainability. On the roof of the logistics center there is a photovoltaic system with a nominal output of 800 kWp, which corresponds to the energy requirements of 200 households. Cooling and air conditioning systems, then, had to be designed respecting the same principles of sustainability. That is why Engelbert Strauss chose Daikin. Burkhard Taus, Managing Director at the construction company STAR Kälte GmbH said “Daikin offers great products and we have developed a close relationship with them. The high quality of the systems combined with the reliability and expertise of Daikin’s employees are two of the main reasons why we decided to work with Daikin as a partner in this project.”

The advantage of using R-1234ze

The project required an environmentally friendly HVAC concept. That is why it was decided to use chillers featuring the new HFO refrigerant R-1234ze. This refrigerant sets the new standard for environmentally friendly cooling systems. With a GWP (Global Warming Potential) 200 times lower than R-134A, it is much greener option, and paired up with Dainkin’s Single Screw compressors technology also ensures great energy efficiency levels.

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An efficient cooling system

On the roof of the CI Factory there is not only the above-mentioned photovoltaic system. The roof also accommodates four Daikin air-cooled chillers arranged in a cascade system, each of them is providing 820 kW of cooling capacity, which ensure efficient air conditioning to the logistics and the production processes areas. The arrangement of the four EWAH-TZ-B chiller using the cascade principle, allows to control the system and activate all or just a part of the chillers in the plant, based on the actual cooling need of the building.

The chiller plant, then, also uses an air-cooled chiller EWAH-TZ-B providing 170 kW of cooling capacity. This one ensures cooling to the server rooms in the factory. These relatively compact chillers require little space and offer maximum reliability and flexibility for a process cooling system. The modern Single Screw Compressor with inverter, then, allows low-noise operations – also thanks to the fan design – and exceptionally high efficiency levels.

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