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Daikin has recently released a new smart feature to assist chiller equipment and plant users with safety management and F-Gas compliance. That is the new Leak Detection function, which is now available as part of the Daikin on Site (DoS), the cloud-based remote monitoring and control system by Daikin.


About Daikin on Site


Remote monitoring & control during lockdown

Daikin On Site (DoS) is a remote monitoring tool, that can provide 24/7 real time data, all year round, tracking chiller plants operations and their correct functionality. All this to allow plant owners to take preventive actions and avoid extra costs associated with breakdowns and downtime.

From a plant manager perspective, Daikin on Site can be beneficial in so many ways.

Every time there is an alarm, plant managers can easily recognize the problem and find the right solution. Through this platform they can evaluate all the parameters in real time and if there is a need for any settings adjustment, they can act remotely. All of this allows to improve units’ performance and management, planning preventive maintenance and increasing systems’ reliability.

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More about the Leak Detection function


The technology behind this new feature in DoS is based on a new and unique software algorithm, entirely developed by Daikin. It uses historical data to activate an alarm in the event of a potential leakage and to report on occurrences and frequency over time, allowing users to have a complete overview of the events occurred over up 12 months, and then, allowing users to take action and set preventive measures if needed.


Why it so important to detect leaks at early stages


The new algorithm can detect even slow gas leakages over an extended load range, starting at 33% of unit load, while other solutions in the market only start at 50%.

The detection of possible leaks at an early stage is fundamental. The ability to detect small leaks allows maintenance engineers to intervene promptly, when the issue is still easily manageable and are unlikely to be a big issue for customers and their HVAC systems.




The Refrigerant Leak Detection function within Daikin on Site can be bundled as part of a maintenance contract for users who choose to outsource monitoring and management services. The service engineer will receive an alarm at the time of leakage detection, so will be able to assess the situation, either remotely or on site, and identify the necessary repair measures for the specific case.


Other characteristics of the Leak Detection function


This new Refrigerant Leak Detection service sets new standards in the sector, and stands out for convenience and cost-effectiveness, as well as the advanced technology behind it.

Monitoring through the existing cloud platform removes the need for additional refrigerant leakage detection sensors and local controllers, helping to offset initial system purchase costs. The machine learning technology incorporated in the Daikin on Site cloud services enables improved detection rates by 15% for leakages, greatly exceeding the possibilities offered by other solutions in the market.

And then there is the environmental aspect, as the new Refrigerant Leak Detection Service is the latest in a series of improvements, driven by a continuous product development program focused on innovation, performance and environmentally friendliness.

In fact, faster leak detection and repair, prevents the release of harmful refrigerant into the atmosphere, helping users to minimize their environmental impact.


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