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In this project Daikin offered again a total solution. This time it was for the Rittergut Störmede Hotel, in the heart of Westphalia, in Germany. The hotel has been recently built to be a modern complex in an attractive location. It was equipped with a Daikin complete kit for hotels, consisting of VRV heat pumps with heat recovery (heating and cooling), Air Handing Units and central control technology. 


Information in details 


Building type  Hotel 
About the facility  174 rooms, 5 conference rooms, bar, restaurant 
Products installed 
  1. 4x VRV IV heat recovery – outdoor unit 
  1. 2x VRV IV heat pumps – outdoor unit 
  1. 6x Condenser units 
  1. 7x AHU ventilation units 
  1. 1x Intelligent Touch Manager  


The new hotel building was designed by the architects of HRS Projekt– und Bauentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH in a modern, cubic form, so that it could blends with the historical surroundings. The modern hotel offers 55 rooms, a fitness area with indoor swimming pool and sauna as well as a multifunctional event area, which can be used for celebrations and conferences. 


Daikin technical solution 

The hotel building was equipped with Daikin ventilation and air conditioning systems, also including control technology, so that guests can enjoy their stay in a modern and pleasantly air-conditioned atmosphere. The special feature is: All hotel rooms can be cooled and heated as required using the VRV heat pump’s three-pipe system. Due to the individual control in each room, guests can adjust the temperature to their personal requirements. If heating and cooling requirements in a system occur simultaneously, the operator benefits from the possible heat shift within the refrigeration circuit and thus reduces the operating costs. If cooling is required in one room and heating is required in another room at the same time, the thermal energy absorbed in the room to be cooled can be used to heat the other room. No additional energy, or separate systems are required to meet this need. Thus, energy efficiency can get along with guests’ comfort and premium customer experience. 

The team of Leniger Kälte-Lüftungstechnik GmbH installed a total of four VRV three-pipe systems and two VRV two-pipe systems, connected to six condenser units, as well as seven Air Handling Units ensuring mechanical ventilation and great Indoor Air quality. 


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A total solution

All systems are linked to the hotel booking system using the Daikin intelligent Touch Manager, so that guests can be welcomed with a pleasant temperature right from the start upon arrival, and then the Air Conditioning system can automatically switch to energy-saving mode after checkout.  The intelligent Touch Manager offers intuitive access to all functions with a consistent graphical user interface. The reception staff can retrieve the most important information at a glance. For example, the “Energy Navigator” function can be used to analyze the consumption data of the individual rooms, allowing to monitor operating costs at any time. In addition to that, the system has cooling and overheating protection, which prevents the room temperature from falling below 16° C in winter and rising above 32° C in the summer. 



Customer satisfaction 


“At the beginning of the planning phase, we suggested various providers and solutions to the customer. On the basis of the requirements, the Daikin concept consisting of VRV heat pumps with heat recovery (heating and cooling), ventilation systems and central control by Daikin’s intelligent Touch Manager was a complete kit that convinced both us and the owner Hartmut Bröggelwirth, managing director of the hotel,” says Dominik Jäker, executive planner at Enertec Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, explaining the decision. Hartmut Bröggelwirth adds: “In the hotel business, all areas must be heated and cooled. The solution offered by Daikin met our needs and those of our guests, who deserve the best possible stay.”  


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