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Daikin and the software house specializing in services for the building industry – MagiCAD – have recently released a plug-in that will allow to import Daikin air handling units’ BIM objects in Autodesk® Revit.

Among MagiCAD core activities there is the design of BIM-ready product configurators and plugins. The plugin recently released is an easy way to integrate and connect the Daikin’s existing AHUs selection software ASTRA web to the BIM design process and designing software.


About Building Information Modeling (BIM)


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. A BIM is a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming a reliable basis for decisions during design and life cycle.

With a BIM all relevant building data can be collected in a single and complete database, including information and knowledge coming from all the parties involved in the project (architects, engineering offices, owner, etc).


Daikin ASTRA MagiCAD for Revit plugin


The Daikin ASTRA MagiCAD for Revit is a Revit add-in plugin that imports air handling units BIM objects, from Daikin air handling units’ selection software ASTRA web, into standalone Revit and MagiCAD for Revit software.

Daikin ASTRA is a web software allowing Daikin’s air handling units selection. Designers can use it to define the key parameters to select the air handling unit that suits their project needs the most.

Daikin Astra MagiCAD for Revit plugin allows immediate availability of BIM objects for either Daikin Professional or Modular R and Modular P units. It is designed to obtain from Daikin ASTRA web technical data and geometry information about the air handling units selected, and integrate them in to a building design project, giving users the possibility to integrate technical data for the air connection into the Revit software and reproduce ducts connection in the designing software.

Daniele Leonardo Vantellini – (AHU Marketing Manager), said about the new plug-in:

From now on, thanks to this dedicated plug-in, information about the Daikin Professional, Modular R and Modular P air handling units Series can be imported from Daikin Astra web into Autodesk® Revit software.

For this purpose, a new function allowing to download a “.mah” file with all the information about your Daikin air handling units, has been added to Astra Web. The above-mentioned file can be imported and integrated into Revit software equipped with the plug-in specifically developed for Daikin by MagiCAD Group”.


Are you interested in the new Daikin ASTRA MagiCAD for Revit plug-in? Then download it here for free, or get in touch with the form below for more info.




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