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A Daikin R-32 chiller has recently been installed and commissioned in a HVAC project involving a stadium in Sittard, in the Netherlands. The stadium is home to a football team playing in the top division of the Eredivisie.


Products provided




Cooling capacity: 260 kW


About the products and the project



The club decided to renovate and improve the services in the 12.500 capacity stadium, improving Air Conditioning for indoor spaces including business areas.

What the end user was looking for was definitely reliability, energy efficiency and low environmental impact, as environmental friendliness is a topic really important to the club.

In this case, given the “limited” size of the area involved, Daikin managed to offer all that with a chiller from the EWAT-B range. The chiller is a scroll unit featuring the low GWP R-32 refrigerant. Thanks to the high energy efficiency levels and the environmentally friendliness of the refrigerant, this solution managed to meet the end user’s expectations in terms of environmental impact, and most importantly, this is a solution that convinced the client because, other than offering energy efficiency and low environmental impact, offered the reliability that comes with a brand who was the first in the market to develop a high capacity chiller with R-32.

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More about cooling down stadiums



Since Qatar won the bidding to stage the 2022 Fifa World Cup, we have often been hearing about “the challenge of cooling stadiums and outdoor spaces”.

The biggest challenges for this kind of applications are the difficulty of controlling the temperature and humidity, and the enormous amount of energy needed for the cooling system.

Daikin technology played an important role in winning this challenge in some of the stadiums which will host the Fifa World Cup in 2022,

even helping some of these stadiums achieve sustainability standards needed to receive a four-star rating in the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) – an assessment system by the Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD).

This is the demonstration of how the most advanced technology in the HVAC world can actually meet challenges such as cooling stadiums and outdoor spaces still respecting the environment.

These Middle East projects are the perfect demonstration of how Daikin can provide value in big and complex HVAC projects such as stadiums and city districts, which have always been in Daikin DNA, being Daikin a historically important brand for all those applications requiring cooling capacity on unusually high scale.

Read more here Daikin’s WCT range, able to provide up to 21,800 kW of cooling capacity.


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