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Daikin Applied Europe and Provides – both leading companies in their fields – have recently had the chance to celebrate their long-standing collaboration. Provides is an important supplier and partner of Daikin Applied Europe. The relationship between the two companies dates back to 1995, when Provides supplied the first shell and tube heat exchanger to the company we know today as Daikin Applied Europe which back then, was McQuay Europe.

Since then Provides has been supplying all shell and tube heat exchangers used in the great products that have satisfied and met the needs of many customers around the world.

For the occasion of the production of their 100,000th heat exchanger, Provides decided to donate the heat exchanger to Daikin Applied Europe as a sign of appreciation for the long-standing collaboration. In this context, Provides’ top management also visited the Headquarters of Daikin Applied Europe to renew the bond between the two companies.

Mr. Luca Paolella, Vice President R&D, Engineering & Manufacturing at Daikin Applied Europe, said:

“It is nice to celebrate together with Provides a bond that goes beyond the simple partnership. A bond that has grown stronger and stronger over the years. Unfortunately, the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 situation do not allow us to celebrate as we wished. However, the presence of the top management from Provides here at Daikin Applied Europe makes us extremely happy.”

These words were then followed by those of Mr. Franco Provenziani, CEO at Provides:

“We are very happy to be here. Today we celebrate one of the milestones of a long journey. Over the years Provides has become a leader in the shell and tube heat exchanger sector. That has also been possible thanks to the challenges that Daikin Applied Europe has allowed us to face, and for those challenges we are really grateful.”

As a matter of fact, the collaboration between Daikin Applied Europe and Provides has produced great results over the years, translating requirements and needs from the market into advanced technology that stands out for high efficiency and low environmental impact.

So with this in mind, Daikin Applied Europe expresses its sincere congratulations to Provides for the great growth achieved over the years, recognizing the value of this long and successful relationship.




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