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It is with great pride and joy that we announce Daikin Applied Europe, along with Daikin Europe, have been awarded with the Daikin CEO Award, the highest and most prestigious award in the Daikin Group, directly assigned by the Japanese head office.

The CEO Award rewards the exceptional performances achieved by these two companies this year.

Every year Daikin Industries Ltd holds an event to celebrate the group’s anniversary, and as a part of the event individuals and teams that made outstanding achievements in the previous year are awarded through President Award program.

This year, the CEO Award was assigned to Daikin Europe and Daikin Applied Europe, in recognition of how the two companies overcame, thanks to a united effort, the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Despite the unprecedented year in 2020, the Daikin Applied Europe and Daikin Europe entities have managed to ensure both continuity of operations and employees’ safety during this pandemic. The CEO Award recognizes what has been done to face and cope with the difficulties caused by COVID-19, also acknowledging the exemplary behaviour of all our employees.

We want to thank all the employees at Daikin Applied Europe, Daikin Applied UK and Daikin Applied Germany, and we want to share this award with them for the great effort they put into their work this year despite the challenging times.

After this award all our offices received a Bonsai Tree, with the hope it can become, not only a testimony of the award, but a symbol of union. A symbol that will remind us of the collective effort we are making to overcome the difficult moment.