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Daikin has supplied two air-cooled inverter single screw chillers for a residential building in Dubai, in the Airport Area. The chillers will replace old once, which are no longer meeting the customer needs, and will provide the necessary cooling, so comfort expectations of the occupants can be met.


Products installed:



Total cooling capacity: 1610 kW


The project, the challenges, and the solutions


The recently executed project involved the replacement of two old chiller, which were making the whole HVAC system inefficient and expensive, both in terms of energy consumption and extraordinary maintenance.

The replacement had to be done without any full shutdown of cooling in building, and this was possible thanks to the highly skilled team at Daikin Middle East and Africa, which coordinated fast and flawless installation and commissioning of the units.

The customer decided to upgrade the system serving the whole building by having two new air-cooled chillers from the Daikin brand installed. The aim of this choice was to provide the HVAC system with very reliable and efficient machines and that was done by choosing screw inverter technology from the Daikin MZ Series.

This Series is designed and built to combine the proven efficiency of the Daikin screw inverter compressor – especially at part load – and the reliability offered by a design that integrates refrigerant cooled inverter directly in the compressor. This feature allows the electronics of the Inverter to be cooled by the refrigerant in the chiller’s circuit, protecting the inverter from ambient temperature, altitude, presence of pollutants, dust, or sand in the air.

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Besides that, the MZ Series is specifically designed to perfectly operate in Middle East environments and be able to stand, not only high heat in the environment, but also corrosive elements, which are common in such areas of the world.

About the efficiency, Daikin managed to meet the requirements in the project thanks to a solution which takes advantage of the Inverter technology and ensures the best performance, regardless of the cooling demand of the building.

In fact, thanks to the inverter technology, the MZ chillers installed will be able to match the different loads requirements, in any circumstances. The Inverter will continuously modulate the speed of the compressor’s motor, ensuring excellent capacity control, providing outstanding part load efficiency values, and substantial energy savings.


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