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Daikin has recently provided chiller technology for a Data Center in Lima, Peru. The project involves an important bank IT facility, which is being expanded due to the increased workload that the IT infrastructure needs to carry out.





Total cooling capacity: 650 kW


About the products and the project


The bank’s datacenter is being upgraded as the business is imposing more and more demand on the IT infrastructure collecting and storing customers data.

The facility will have an additional room to the four where over a hundred racks were already stored. That is because the IT infrastructure is getting bigger and needs more space. With more workload and more machines, the HVAC system needs to be upgraded, as more heat needs to be dissipated.

For this reason, two screw inverter chiller units are being added to the HVAC system, which, in the short term will be refurbished, with the replacement of the old four units with other four new Daikin units.


More about the project


As a matter of fact, data centers can consume vast amounts of energy, and that is why it is important that the HVAC system is as efficient as possible.

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Daikin, with in-house developed screw inverter technology, has been able to achieve the efficiency targets in the project, helping the customer consuming less energy and lowering operative costs, while ensuring the reliability of IT equipment in the datacenter.

The requirements were met with the TZ Series, which, among other notable features, there integrates the 3rd generation single screw inverter compressor designed by Daikin.



With integrated inverter technology, this compressor helps chillers providing outstanding performance both at full load and part load, helping adapting to conditions variations that might happen during the year.

The screw inverter compressor by Daikin has been successfully used in so many different projects over the last 20 years that has made Daikin an absolute leader in the screw compressor field.

Over time, Daikin has introduced and integrated ground-breaking technology in the design of the single screw compressor. Constantly pushing the boundaries in the industry, constantly innovating.

Technologies as the Variable Volume Ratio (VVR), or the refrigerant cooled inverter technology, have been directly integrated in the single screw compressor design, helping increasing reliability and chillers’ energy efficiency.


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