The perfect solution to fit high capacity units in tight mechanical rooms

When designing an HVAC system, space is often one of the aspects that needs to be taken into account. That happens for a variety of reasons. In our cities, for example, as they expand and their urban development progresses, every single inch taken from human activities has an impact on their livability and the profitability of the businesses operating in the city itself. In metropolis like London and Moscow – just to name two – space has a very high cost and needs to be optimized. Businesses like shopping malls and hotels, for instance, want to take as little as possible for HVAC systems and use that space to shape a better experience for their customers.

Another application where space is extremely important, then, is the Marine applications, where HVAC systems are often required to fit small and tight plants. That happens mainly for structural constraints inherent to the type of application, but also because – in a passenger ship, for instance – the more space is allocated to guest rooms, and restaurants, spa centers, gyms and all those activities and services that can make for a better customer experience, the more profitable will be the whole business.

These are just examples of applications that usually require small footprint and compactness in a chiller, and we have mentioned just some of the reasons why some applications might require these features in a chiller. It goes without saying that the number of applications requiring the above-mentioned features in a chiller are not limited to the two mentioned in this article so far – Commercial and Marine application. Small footprint and compactness might be required also in residential applications, public buildings and even hospitals, trade centers and offices.

The point is that whenever the application, for whatever reason, requires compact units and high cooling capacities, consultants are faced with a challenge that needs to be addressed with a proper solution.

In these cases, Daikin EWWD DZ and EWWD VZ ranges – both water-cooled ranges providing cooling capacity over 1900 kW, and heating capacity over 2000 kW – perfectly respond to the needs of those applications requiring small footprint and compactness.

These two ranges not only stand out for their limited size despite the high cooling capacity they can provide, but, with the Knock Down Electrical Panel option, they offer an additional way to fit tight spaces.

This option gives the possibility to strip down the unit of the electrical panel to easily fit the chiller into technical rooms through narrow doorways. Also, to face the space limits of particularly small technical rooms, the Knock Down Electrical Panel, after a proper feasibility study, can allow option can allow a remote installation of the control panel, which can even be installed in a different room than the one accommodating the chiller, simply using longer cables to connect the control panel to the chiller. This option, then, becomes a perfect solution for those applications requiring optimization of space.

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