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Since its founding, Daikin has focused on developing technology with the aim to help solving social and community problems while growing business. The group strives to meet expectations and maintain trust worldwide as a global company that supports human health and comfort while creating new value for air and the environment. That is why Daikin has a special attention to reducing human impact on the environments and does it developing green and highly efficient technologies, but also constantly reducing the environmental impact during production processes Group-wide.

Daikin Applied Europe Environmental Policy

Daikin Applied Europe, as part of the Daikin, is fully aligned with the group.

In all its activities, Daikin Applied Europe carries out a range of initiatives that support the environment. From promoting the development of new products and technologies that will result in a healthier world, to initiatives aimed at raising awareness towards the need to respect the environment around us.

In fact, Daikin Applied Europe commits to reducing its factories’ impact on the environment setting goals such as:

  • The reduction of CO2 emissions using solutions that allow energy savings. Like using energy that is entirely produced from renewable sources, for instance;
  • The reduction of the overall quantity of waste to be sent to landfill, through careful management of separate waste collection and continual improvement of staff awareness through trainings;
  • The reduction of water consumption for manufacturing activities, through investments aimed at the optimization of water-waste management, in order to help improve the quality of surface water in the territory;
  • The use of products with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) in order to avoid impacting the environment and the air we breathe in the areas surrounding the factory;
  • The constant improvement of our environmental performance by:

– continuously monitoring the corporate processes in order to reduce environmental impact;

– assessing risks and opportunities relating to environmental aspects of corporate processes;

– creating awareness among the entire management structure, the employees and those who work on behalf of the organization, with the aim to create a culture of accountability, participation and support for the environment;

– giving greater responsibility to all employees in terms of environmental safeguarding, through adequate and frequent trainings;

– requiring a constant involvement of any interested party on environmental questions;

– using suppliers capable of providing services that are compliant with company’s policy and that can help the company to achieve its sustainability goals, keeping up with the entire group.

Find here the full Environmental Policy.

Constant improvement

All this is part of a process of constant improvement reflecting a mentality that the whole Daikin group has.

Kaizen – a Japanese word for “improvement” – is a concept referring to business activities that continuously improve all functions. This is a concept which persistently occurs in the Daikin world. It involves all employees, from the top management to assembly line workers. And also applies to processes aimed at ensuring that the company has a sustainable impact on the environment. That, by constantly improving all the standardized programs and processes which aim to protect the environment.

Lower CO2 emissions

Daikin Applied Europe is constantly working to minimize its impact on the environment in terms of CO2 emissions. One of its ways to do that is using certified renewable energy, which has avoided CO2 emissions for 11315 ton in the last 3 years. Then, there is great attention on the use of fossil fuels, trying to limit their use as much as possible.

Waste management improvement

Another important aspect that Daikin Applied Europe has been really focusing on, is waste management. During this fiscal year, the company has focused even more on waste management, working on ways to optimize the process. This work has considerably lowered the amount of waste disposed in fiscal year 2019 compared to fiscal year 2018. That has been possible because the company managed to improve and extend the waste separation process across all the factories and offices, bringing down the amount of waste disposed by 11% in fiscal year 2019 compared to 2018.

A big part of the credit for this goes to our employees, who, also thanks to specific trainings, are particularly involved in helping create a more sustainable environment for themselves and their families, and express their involvement continuously supporting the company activities.

But there is something more. Also agreements with suppliers were key actions that helped to reach the goal. This year Daikin Applied Europe worked with some of its main suppliers to reduce the quantity of waste just simply returning tools like wood pallets or other similar tools used for the transport of components, so they can be reused without having an impact on the environment with their disposal.

That adds up to the great number of activities that our company carries out to improve day by day its relationship with the environment around us. And it is one more step ahead towards a healthier environment for all of us.



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