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Daikin Applied Europe Fiscal year 2019 has recently closed. Just like every company of the Group, Daikin Applied Europe shares the traditional Japanese calendar with the parent company. Every beginning of April, then, is a special moment for us to take stock of the things done over the year and think about the new goals for the future.


This fiscal year (2019) was a fruitful year. It was full of great professional results, achievements and milestones. We had the chance to go over some of the most important moments with Marco Flavio Calanca. He is Marketing Manager at Daikin Applied Europe, and has been working for the company enough to live different moments of the company’s history.


The 50th Anniversary celebrations


Regarding milestones, this was a very important year for our company’s history. In fact, Daikin Applied Europe celebrated its 50th Anniversary. In October 1969, our factory in Rome started the production of its first chiller units. The company name was at that stage McQuay Europa, as it was part of the American group McQuay. The same McQuay group became fully part of the Daikin Industries, Ltd. Group in 2006, realizing what was defined as “the perfect wedding”.

Marco, what is the value of this milestone to you?


“Having the opportunity to participate in the celebrations of this anniversary was a source of pride for me. It really strengthened my sense of belonging to this Company. Daikin Applied Europe has consolidated its position in the market over time and represents a worldwide excellence in our sector. A real centre of expertise where we constantly invest in research and development and create high-tech solutions”.


Daikin Fusion 20 strategic plan


Another important moment for Daikin as a Group, is the end of a plan called Fusion 20. It is a strategic management plan which defines the five-year (2016 – 2020) development strategy of Daikin as a Group. For this plan Daikin has set 2,900 billion Yen for net sales and 348 billion Yen for operating income as quantitative targets for fiscal year 2020.

Daikin Fusion 20 will close in a year from now. How would you describe Daikin Applied Europe’s growth over the last four years? And how do you think Daikin Applied Europe is contributing to the success of the entire Group?


“The growth of our Company over the last four years is unprecedented. It is among the highest recorded in our history. Not only in terms of production volumes and turnover, but also in terms of human resources that constitute the main Company Value. Daikin Applied Europe has contributed to the Group’s success by providing know-how and experience. Through them Daikin Applied Europe has achieved concrete and tangible results such as the development of pioneering technologies in our sector. The Daikin brand is synonymous with quality, reliability, efficiency and above all innovation”.


Daikin Applied Europe approach to technological innovation


Regarding pioneering technology, in 2019 we have launched two important new product series. The heat pump with R-32 and the new TZ C series – a range extension to higher cooling capacities. Can we talk about the company’s approach to technological innovation? What kind of approach Daikin Applied Europe will have in the coming years?


“The latest developments follow the Group’s strategy of environmental respect and energy efficiency. Issues such as the reduction of direct and indirect CO2 emissions are central to our Company’s approach to developing new solutions. The massive introduction of inverter technology, which contributes to a drastic reduction in electricity consumption, and the contextual choice of more environmentally friendly refrigerants are two of our founding pillars. Those pillars will be further strengthened in the coming years”.


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