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Daikin has been providing products for the marine business for years now, constantly meeting the needs of an ever-changing sector, which has been requiring a steady technological evolution in terms of solutions developed and offered to the market.

To do that, Daikin not only can count on a several decades long experience withing the sector but can also take advantage of a dedicated structure supporting Daikin’s effort towards this sector. That includes different companies within the Daikin group, as well as the knowledge and the expertise of engineers across the world who have devoted years to designing and choosing the best HVAC solutions for Marine projects.

Today Daikin can rely on two companies designing, engineering, and manufacturing marine air conditioning, refrigeration systems, and equipment: Daikin Applied Europe and Daikin MR Engineering.

These two entities in the Daikin world aim at providing customers with the best solutions for climate control in maritime environments, including cruise ships, merchant vessels, offshore structures and facilities, and specialized vessels, offering total solutions for marine heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration needs.

As part of the Daikin group, both companies use at their advantage the best technologies in air conditioning and refrigeration, using the group’s resources for design, manufacturing, procurement, and assist the customer all the way to installation, commissioning, and after-service, through total support.

Of course, to be able to do that, Daikin also takes advantage of a dedicated network of sales and post-sales support teams, who have a direct contact with the market and are not only able to identify the right solutions for each specific project, but also monitor the market needs, gathering information that the Daikin R&D structure will be able to transform in new and advanced solutions for the marine sector.

Over the years the marine sector has encountered several challenges due to the financial crisis and other factors, so Daikin has had to respond to new needs from the sector offering engineering solutions that could help with new challenges:

  • need for greater energy efficiency of the systems
  • lower environmental impact
  • absolute reliability

While reliability is ensured by the quality standards associated with the brand, the Daikin group has been relentlessly working to provide the next generation solutions and meet the demands of a constantly changing industry, offering solutions based on a balanced combination of cutting-edge technology, recognition, and respect for established methods in the sector.

This approach has helped Daikin become a top-level engineering solutions provider of marine air conditioning and refrigeration systems, able to respond to customers’ needs and changes on the ground with a great degree of flexibility and adaptability.

That results in the development of energy efficient systems which, besides helping saving energy, can contribute to environmental sustainability efforts of the sector.

And Daikin’s effort in pushing environmentally sustainable choices in the Marine sector is exactly what has been appreciated by the market, thanks to the set of solutions featuring a choice of low GWP refrigerants, outstanding energy efficiency levels, and Free Cooling technology, which increases the ability of Daikin solutions to be energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.


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