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One of Daikin plug & play solutions was recently involved in the replacement of an aged chiller that was no longer reliable enough to support production at a health supplement manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Australia.

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Project background

Daikin’s EWAD TZ-B plug & play feature, plus the professionalism of the installing mechanical contractor Advanced Air Conditioning, allowed to quickly swap the old chiller with the new Daikin air-cooled chiller ensuring production was not compromised.


Units Installed:

Total capacity:

  • 540 kWr @ 5/11 chilled water and 35° C ambient tempertaure


We thought this was an interesting project to document, because of the sensitivity of the application. In fact, the manufacturer, needed absolute reliability in order to keep the business productive.

To know more about this important HVAC project, we got in touch with Kamal Hewa, who is currently serving as a Sales Manager for Daikin Australia and directly followed the project.

Here is what Mr. Kamal Hewa told us about the Metagenics project:

“The end client was a company called Metagenics.

Metagenics is a manufacturer of natural medicines and has a plant in Brisbane. The building is three stories’ high. And the chiller we provided will serve their factory along with their offices.

Main project needs and requirements

“The chiller we had to replace was an old fixed speed machine needing repairs. We did an analysis to compare the cost of repairing versus the cost of replacing, along with the benefits of having a new more efficient machine.

Eventually, they decided to replace the old fixed speed air cooled screw machine, which was also having reliability issues.

We looked at the potential upfront costs along with the cost of running this new machine. This new machine also had three years extended warranty along with a service contract to provide the end customer with confidence in the Daikin product and service.

Reliability, efficiency and quick commissioning

The project required the delivery and replacement of the existing machine to happen over a weekend so not to disrupt manufacturing and the office staff. This was an important part of the project that the installing mechanical contractor managed like clockwork. Daikin’s commissioning technician work through the weekend to ensure the machine was ready for Monday’s start.

The end customer was clearly looking for reliability and energy efficiency. Those were the drivers of the choice they made replacing the old chiller unit with a new one”.

About Daikin Single Screw compressor and Inverter technology

Daikin single screw compressors are well known for being very reliable. Differently form screw compressors, a single screw uses one main screw mashing with twin star rotors to produce volume matching compression cycle. Due to the main rotor, balanced in both radial and axial direction, the compressor bearing has extremely high reliability. Therefore, its life span can be as long as 10,000 hours longer than other screw compressors. The single screw compressor, then, has only three moving parts. As a result of that, it reduces the possibility of failure and keeps operation costs low.

Also, when paired up with inverter technology, it becomes a even more efficient solution. Infact, inverter technlogy helps chillers to perform as efficiently and reliably as possible, especially when they spend most of their operating time at part load conditions.


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