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Daikin R-32 heat pump is the result of a long and hard work of market research and technology design and development. Today we can appreciate the result of this work, which produced a Top-class solution for the HVAC industry.

The EWYT-B- represents an important step forward for Daikin, since heat pumps are becoming more and more relevant in the market. In fact, since heat pumps burn no fossil fuel, they generate far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional heating options. Therefore, they are a relevant option to both reduce buildings energy consumption and complying with European directives and regulations. The combination of this technology with R-32 refrigernat, then,  makes Daikin heat pumps a even better choice.

Daikin has been focusing on R-32 refrigerant since 2012, when R-32 replaced R-410a in most of the residential AC products. Since then, Daikin has been pushing forward its commitment in using this low GWP refrigerant.

As a matter of fact, this refrigerant is considered the most balanced refrigerant in terms of Environmental Impact, Energy Efficiency,Safety and Cost-Effectiveness for AC and Heat Pump equipment. For this reason in 2018 – for the first time in the history of AC – Daikin extended the use of R-32 to applied products as well with the EWAT-B R-32 chiller. And now, the EWYT-B- R-32 heat pump completes the line of applied products using this refrigerant.

The new Daikin R-32 heat pump – Behind the scenes

We though it could be interesting having people from the different department involved, to share their thought on this new product. So, this article is going to be a quick “behing the scenes” letting some of the actors involved in the launch of the new EWYT-B-, to talk about the needs the it will to respond.

Testimonials from the marketing department

We will gather different departments’ testimonials to share all the different perspectives involved. Here, in the meantime, you can find the thoughts of two of the people from the marketing department who followed the project the most:


M. F. Calanca – Marketing Manager

“This new EWYT-B- heat pump with R-32 completes Daikin Bluevolution range for the Applied sector, also providing the best performance ever offered in the market.

The EWYT-B- is the first heat pump in the Market – in this capacity range – to feature R-32. Because of that it will provide the lowest combined levels of direct and indirect CO2 emissions. That is possible thanks to the low GWP R-32 refrigerant, but also thanks to the best in class efficiency levels offered both in cooling and in heating modes.

By choosing Daikin Bluevolution range, our Customers will join our Mission to protect the Environment by preferring eco-friendly HVAC solutions”.


E. Angelini – Application Engineer

“Daikin new R-32 heat pump EWYT-B- reflects Daikin will to lead the way again towards more sustainable and technologically advanced solutions.

The EWYT-B- has a very wide operating envelope and the ability to produce hot sanitary water up to 60° C. Also, thanks to an extensive option list, it can work in cooling mode even in Middle East temperatures. That makes Daikin EWYT-B- an infinitely flexible solution”.

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Also, find here information on Daikin EWAT-B. See how the world first chiller featuring R-32 can provide value both for HVAC projects and the environment.



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