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This week Daikin Applied Europe cooperated with Daikin Air Conditioning Italy in a launch event aiming at introducing the new Daikin R-32 heat pump to the Italian market. The launch was initially going to be done in a physical event, but, due to the Covid-19 situation, the whole event has been transformed in a certified environmentally friendly live streaming event. That, also gave the chance to a thousand of participants to experience a first person view tour of Daikin Applied Europe through images and the words of our COO Claudio Capozio.

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During this 45 minutes long event, Daikin introduced the range that completes the Bluevolution line for the Applied portfolio. We did that through the words and the experience of some on those who had a main role in the realization of the new R-32 heat pump as a project.

Introducing Daikin R-32 heat pump

Daikin R-32 heat pumpThe Marketing Manager Marco Flavio Calanca, the Application Engineer Edoardo Angelini, the R&D Project Leader Guido Managò and the Test Engineer Alessandro Cantoni, took the time to talk about the main characteristics of this new series, highlighting the important achievements reached using R-32 refrigerant, but also talking about the work done in terms of optimization of components to provide the best performance offered in the HVAC market so far.

Daikin is showing leadership once again

The new R-32 heat pump reflects Daikin will to lead the way again towards more sustainable and technologically advanced solutions, providing customers with a product able to offer the best performance in the market and a very low impact on the environment.

The EWYT-B- with R-32 is an important step forward for Daikin, given the increasing importance of heat pump technology in the European market.

In fact, as the building sector is responsible for approximately 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU, heat pumps are becoming increasingly important for reducing energy consumption and complying with regulations such as the F-gas, Ecodesign and EPBD.

That will be possible thanks to a highly flexible product featuring R-32, which, other than being a sustainable refrigerant (GWP is 675 – 2/3 lower than R410A), allows a perfect balance between aspects such as low environmental impact, safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

That is the reason why Daikin has been investing in developing R-32 technology for several years and has extended the use of R-32 to its Applied products in 2018, when the first time in the history of the Air Conditioning industry a chiller featuring this refrigerant was introduced.

That was an important milestone for Daikin, because being first often results in being technological leaders. It gives unrivalled understanding of how to meet customers’ needs and expectations with a certain technology.

That is why today Daikin is a world leader in the development of R-32 technology.

Daikin R-32 heat pump main characteristcs

The EWYT-B- is the first heat pump in the Market – in this capacity range – to feature R-32. Because of that it can provide the lowest combined levels of direct and indirect CO2 emissions. That is possible thanks to the low GWP R-32 refrigerant, but also thanks to the best in class efficiency levels offered both in cooling and in heating modes.

R-32 heat pump EWYT-B

This new series offers the possibility to choose between two efficiency versions (Silver and Gold) and three sound configurations (Standard, Low and Reduced).

The EWYT-B-, other than having a wide capacity range (74 to 670 kW in heating mode and 80 to 640 kW in cooling mode), has also a wide operating envelope, and the ability to produce hot water up to 60° C. Thanks to an extensive option list, then, it can work in cooling mode even in Middle East temperatures. That makes the EWYT-B- series an infinitely flexible solution, able to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications, including collective housing.

Another important aspect is related to the integration of the hydronic kit, which allows a plug & play installation, thanks to the availability of eight different combinations of optional components such as single pump, double pump, buffer tank and inverter, which can be integrated in the unit.

Daikin Microtech 4, then, is another important feature of the series. This is the new controller based on a very advanced control logic that not only increases the reliability of these machines, but also introduces a new feature like the Dynamic Condensing Pressure Management, which allows the unit controller to adjust the condensing pressure set-point to minimize the overall unit power input.

And finally, there is the full compatibility with the Daikin on Site, Daikin’s remote monitoring platform, which offers:

  • remote monitoring
  • system optimization
  • preventive maintenance

allowing facility managers to prevent failures and avoid any extra costs due to downtime.

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