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Two Daikin R-32 heat pumps were recently commissioned for a HVAC project involving one of the many branches of a large supermarket chain in Italy. This specific project was executed in Rome and saw a team of our engineers performing a series of activities on site for the commissioning phase.

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Units Installed:


2 x EWYT-B-

Total cooling capacity: 540 kW

Total heating capacity: 575 kW


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The Commissioning Phase


The commissioning phase ensures that the machine is correctly integrated with the customer’s system as well as providing the customer with valuable information for the future management of the plant.

In this specific case Daikin Applied Europe – Headquarter for Daikin Applied products – handled directly the commissioning phase, sending a team from the engineering department on the field, to perform all the necessary activities.

This is something the headquarter periodically does, so Daikin’s development and production center for Applied products can have a perfect understanding of the process and the challenges installers are faced with.

So, this was not just a way to ensure customer satisfaction, performing live tests to prove the very high efficiency of the new EWYT-B series – both in Cooling and Heating mode – and all the other characteristics of the series. But this was also another chance for Daikin monitor and study the needs of installers and end users, so the company can always provide a high-quality service, guaranteeing that the units and the plant in general will operate at maximum performance and with the maximum safety.


Daikin Applied Europe commissioning Team


The commissioning activities were shared between members of the engineering team on the field:


  • Unit performance on field in Cooling and Heating mode (Technical office represented by Fouad Saab – R&D Engineer)


  • Unit Software (Control department represented by Martina Santi – Control Engineer)


  • Unit installation and functioning (Service department represented by Daniele Matteucci – Service Engineer)


  • Unit Quality Assurance (Quality department represented Emilio Colasanti – Quality Engineer)


Other than proving the efficiency of the units and making sure that the same units performed as expected, as per the design operating conditions and the safety standards requires, the commissioning phase required our team to perform tests regarding noise levels and defrost.

Sound acquisition tests in particular were very important and – as expected – showed very low noise generation. This specific aspect was very important for the success of the whole HVAC project, as great these Daikin R-32 heat pump units were installed in the center of the city of Rome.

Moreover, Defrost Tests were done to show the customer how the new defrost logic by Daikin is very fast and efficient, helping thereby to keep the plant stable.


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