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Daikin screw inverter chiller technology’s worth has been proven again in a HVAC project involving another major pharmaceutical company. The project was executed in France, near Bordeaux and involved a manufacturing site which needed new chillers to meet the process cooling needs of the plant.


Products provided



Cooling capacity: 850 kW


About the products and the project


The main aspect driving the consultants’ choice towards Daikin’s screw inverter solutions were energy efficiency and reliability.

Daikin’s single screw compressors definitely helped with the latter, as they are designed to be extremely reliable.

Daikin single screw, differently from other screw compressors, they use one main screw mashing with twin star rotors to produce volume matching compression cycle. Due to the main rotor, balanced in both radial and axial direction, the compressor bearing has extremely high reliability. Therefore, its life span can be longer than other screw compressors. The single screw compressor, then, has only three moving parts. As a result of that, possibilities of failure are reduced, and operation costs are kept at a lower level.

But the screw inverter solution has also helped meet the energy efficiency requirements.

The TZ series featuring the Daikin in-house developed Inverter Screw compressor, has set a new standard for energy efficiency other than reliability.

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Another key aspect in this project is the fact that the manufacturing site can require very different cooling capacities throughout the year, based on the manufacturing processes needs. That mean the project required chillers able to guarantee very high efficiency ratings even at part load. That is what Daikin managed to offer thank to the screw inverter compressor, which ensures the chillers’ load adaptation to the actual cooling demand, all year round, making the unit very efficient both at part load and full load.

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More about the project


The two TZ chillers installed will be used in a cascade management system. For the end-user was very important having chillers from a brand they know well and whose quality and reliability they recognize.

The end user valued the possibility to have solutions they had previous experience with, and they know will integrate well with the whole system designed for the manufacturing plant.



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