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The digital sector is on the rise and is constantly looking for efficient solutions that can minimize its impact on the environment. As we know, HVAC systems can definitely make a difference in this sense. This is why Daikin was chosen for this project, to meet the efficiency needs a great company working in the digital payment sector like NEXI needed. 


Products involved: 


4 x EWWD VZ with High Temperature Kit 

Total cooling capacity: 3.8 MW 


About the project 


With this project, the old HVAC plant serving Nexi Payments headquarters in Milan, went through a redesign, which started in 2019 and was completed in 2020. 

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The HVAC plant accommodates four Daikin water to water heat pumps, to meet both the cooling and heating needs of the building. The 4 water to water heat pumps are operating in parallel, providing the system with the ability to independently produce both hot and cold water.  

The Daikin VZ series made this HVAC system very versatile and able to meet the building’s thermal needs in any season. 


Nexi’s requirements 


Among the most important requirements from Nexi we had efficiency. This aspect was very important not only to reduce the carbon footprint of the building, but also to generate savings on operating costs. 

Daikin’s VZ series perfectly met this need thanks to the Inverter Single Screw compressor technology. In fact, Daikin’s in-house developed Inverter can guarantee exceptionally high efficiency levels, especially when the units are operating at partial loads, ensuring high seasonal efficiencies. 

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Footprint, then, was another important aspectThe units had to fit a relatively small mechanical room, and it was very important that despite the capacity provided, the units could fit the plant space, avoiding extra work during installation. 


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