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Extending low GWP refrigerant to the water-cooled centrifugal chiller range DWSC

Daikin has recently launched the new DWSC-C centrifugal chiller series, introducing with this range the use of low GWP refrigerant R-1234ze. This Series already offered the possibility to benefit from the advantages offered by R-134A and R-513A refrigerant. The combination of the HFO refrigerant R-1234ze with Daikin’s centrifugal technology, will now help offering increased capacities and expanded applications possibilities, allowing specifiers and end users to stay a step ahead of EU legislation.

The new range has been specifically developed to increase energy efficiency, both at full and partial load, ensuring end users can benefit from reduced operating costs. So, while centrifugal compressor chillers can be a significant investment, Daikin’s new translates into real benefits for the bottom line.

Entirely designed and manufactured by Daikin, this new centrifugal series has been created to meet the needs of both European and Middle East markets, and offer a suitable solution for a wide range of applications – from commercial cooling, to district energy plants and manufacturing processes.


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Extreme energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact


The new range with R-1234ze provides a long-term solution to the HFC phase down schedule of the F-gas Regulation.

In fact, the use of the HFO refrigerant R-1234ze makes the DWSC centrifugal range an environmentally friendly solution, combining low Global Warming Potential (7), zero Ozone Depletion Potential and very high energy efficiency.


What is new with this centrifugal chiller range extension


The DWSC chiller range is now are available with R-134A, R-513A or R-1234ze refrigerants.

The new series offers a wide choice of cooling capacities – from 1050kW (300RT) up to 4500kW (1250RT) with both R-134A and R-513A refrigerants, and from 790kW (225RT) up to 3200kW (910RT) with R-1234ze at nominal AHRI conditions.

All models are fitted with a single refrigerant circuit and have been developed with a unit-mounted Daikin Inverter, to provide the best full-load and the highest part-load performance in the market.

Other than that, the new series offers reduced installation costs, thanks to the flexibility ensured by the infinite combinations of heat exchangers, gears, and semi-hermetic motors, which allow to provide the exact required capacity, minimizing the need for a costly and too large configuration for the actual needs of the building.

Regarding matching the needs of a building, the flexible control logic of the in-house developed inverter, maps exact performance curves at every condition, adjusting speed to deliver the required cooling capacity. This allows the DWSC-C chillers to take advantage of off-design conditions and save energy, especially in comfort cooling applications with variable loads, but also in process cooling applications with constant heavy load such as data centres, for instance.

The unique design of Daikin’s Inverter uses fewer internal components to create the optimal balance between cost and performance and ensuring low in-rush currents to the chillers, that reduces the risks of overheating and wiring deterioration and increases reliability.

Also, Daikin’s Inverter is available in a Low Harmonic version, to match <5% THDv and meet or exceed IEEE-519 2014 compliance.


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The design simplicity of Daikin’s centrifugal compressors, then, provides increased durability and reliable performance. In fact, the centrifugal compressors by Daikin are deigned to reduce the discharge area as load decreases, to maintain gas velocity, greatly reducing the tendency to stall or surge.

Among the other notable features there is the new heat exchanger’s flood-type technology – developed by Daikin to improve heat transfer performance, thanks to the most advanced tube type available – the free cooling option, and the possibility to customize the units to suit marine applications.


Monitoring & control


The new DWSC-C centrifugal range by Daikin, features the Microtech4 controller, which brings in a whole set of new functionalities compared to its predecessor. The integration of the iCM in the unit controller, or the possibility to develop advanced logics and algorithms at unit level, for instance. But also, the performance monitoring functionality, which allows to read the performance of the unit on the controller display or from the cloud, through Daikin’s remote monitoring platform Daikin on Site (DoS). Those are all features included with the new control logic.



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