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Great efficiency for the Pharma and Biotech sector

The Pharma and Biotech has always been a very important sector. With this pandemic, though, the sector is even more in the spotlight, and Daikin is proud to be able thorough its technologies, to help a sector that is making such a positive impact on the lives of many.

In this project, Daikin provided a solution integrating both centrifugal and screw chillers, to meet the energy efficiency, the cooling and the heating needs of a very important Biotechnology Center in France.

Products Installed




Total Cooling Capacity: 6,500 kW


The project in details


The above-mentioned facility offers entire laboratories to all those companies working in the pharma and biotechnology industry and that need adequate spaces to conduct their researches and test.

The HVAC project has required the refurbishment of a plant which was getting too expensive for the companies to maintain. The old installation was using three Sorption units for a total of 1.6 MW, but it was consuming large amounts of energy and gas, which was definitely not ideal in terms of expenses.

That is where Daikin came in.


Daikin solution


Daikin Screw compressor chiller EWWD-VZ

The goal for this project was definitely making the HAVC system more energy efficient then the old one. For this reason, an energy analysis was made, and that allowed Daikin to come up with the best possible solution in terms of efficiency, reliability and effectiveness as far as the cooling and heating needs the facility has.

The new HVAC system now used one 2 MW centrifugal chiller from the DWSC Series and two Water-Cooled Screw Inverter chillers. Those units, other than meeting the cooling needs of the building and offering great reliability, they offer the great efficiency levels, thanks to the Refrigerant-Cooled Inverter technology, used both on the centrifugal and the scroll compressors.

Read more here about Daikin’s Refrigerant-Cooled Inverter technology.

And then, the installation was competed with a Screw Inverter Heat Pump form the VZ Series, to satisfy good part of the heating needs of the facility during winter and save gas from the 1.6 MW boilers completing the HAVC system.

With this solution, Daikin was able to reach very high efficiency levels and great reliability, also thanks to the level of redundancy that system offers. All of those aspects gave the customers great confidence in the solution offered by Daikin – confidence that was also backed by the quality associated with the brand.


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