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HVAC quality standars for office space is a main aspect when working on new buildings in a business district.  Thomas Milton, mechanical engineer at Tuv Sud, who has been working on the Buchanan Wharf project for the last 18 months, and Ronnie Eusebi from Phoenix Commissioning Services Limited were recently here at our factory to test the chiller chose to provide comfort in a new office facility in Glasgow.

They were kind enough to give us some of their time and talk about the project and how Daikin is providing value for it. In this project efficiency was particularly important and Daikin Free Cooling technology, combined with the high efficiency at part load of Daikin EWAT-B– chillers, helped the building achieve an Energy Performance Certificate of A.

Find here a a video explaining the value the R-32 EWAT-B range can provide.

The Buchanan Wharf project

“The project is a new build for a bank, in Glasgow. It is going to be 3 buildings in total. Building 2 is the largest one, has 10 floors and building 3 is four floors. It is going to be almost entirely office. The main client, the bank, has a lot of standards and high expectations when it comes to indoor air quality and they have very high expectations of controls. The integration with the building management system will be very important, then. They expect to be able to see and monitor a lot of information and that mostly has to do with the fact that they are pushing well-being for their workers, so they want to guarantee a nice environment for people to work in. They operate 24/7 and that is part of the reason why they do that”.

Quality standards for office environment

“In an office environment, the main complain is usually temperature. So, people being too cold or too hot. The Daikin technology is guaranteeing the “too cold problem” is taken care of. One of the most important things for this project was that the energy model is based on achieving an EPC of A, which is quite difficult for a building of this size and scope, and the free cooling technology has helped achieving this goal, as well as the chillers’ part load efficiency”.

The importance of the factory test

“[…] The factory test for this project was a requirement for the project. The bank is a key client within the project, and they need to be guaranteed quality based on the requirements. They cannot have downtime, because any downtime is loss of business. They are a bank working 24/7, they kind of work through the night, when the stock exchange opens, so they need guaranteed conditions 24/7. So, they require a higher quality level than normal, so we have to go through factory tests and a lot more quality control to achieve the clients’ requirements. […] The factory test complies with the Eurovent certification and there are not many facilities of this level in Europe”.


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Smart Solutions related to HVAC for office space – quality standars

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