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Daikin will soon supply 5 air-cooled screw inverter chillers from the MZ range for the second phase of an important project involving a number of hotels on the Saudi Arabia’s west coast – an area totally dedicated to tourism-oriented facilities.


Products installed



Total cooling capacity: over 6MW


About the products and the project


The project aims at supplying a solution which will provide cooling to the hotels in an area developed to be a tourism hub. The area, besides accommodating hotels, also accommodates over-water villages and pools. The chillers will provide hotels with the necessary cooling for comfort, domestic water supply, and pools, which will be served through a primary and secondary network distributing chilled water across the area.

This entire tourism area has been designed to be environmentally sustainable, using electricity entirely generated by a solar farm, then the lowest amount of CO2 emissions.

This vision for this project clearly impacted the choice of chillers, which are highly energy efficient to limit both energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

To top that off, the units also had to be able to stand operations in high ambient temperature conditions and corrosiveness due to proximity to the sea. 


More about the products installed


The MZ Series have been successfully installed in hundreds of projects in Middle East.

The units have been designed to perform in environmental conditions that are specific to Middle East (between 46° and 55° Celsius). The compressor in these units features refrigerant cooled inverter directly integrated in the compressor, which not only helps determining an optimal internal compression ratio improving units’ performance in any ambient condition, but also ensures outstanding reliability in high-temperature, dusty and corrosive environments.

Precisely regarding corrosiveness, the units installed were provided with a special coil treatment to ensure the proper unit performance and reliability over time, despite the presence of dust, salt, and other corrosive agents in the atmosphere.


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