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Daikin has recently provided its HVAC solutions for a private hospital in Limassol town, in Cyprus.

This project’s goal was providing the right solutions for a total renovation of the main hospital building and for the new areas which were being built. The renovation process, of course, also involved the HVAC system, which had to be refurbished.



Product Installed


2 X EWYT-B R-32 Air-to-water Heat Pump

2 X EWAT-B R-32 Air-Cooled Chiller

Daikin Air Handling Units

Altherma Flex EMRQ10 & EMRQ8

VAM units


Project background


The hospital needed technology which could provide the building with both cooling and heating, specifically in patients rooms and communal areas. For this purpose, the R-32 heat pump EWYT-B range was chosen, for its ability to provide great energy efficiency performance – the best in the market – despite the cooling/heating capacity it can deliver.

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For operation theatres instead, the R-32 chiller EWAT-B range was chosen. This range was chosen, not only for the great energy efficiency performance, but also for the great reliability it can ensure.

HVAC systems’ reliability is a very important aspect in buildings such as hospitals.

When it comes to healthcare facilities, equipment’s reliability is fundamental, as they are part of a system ensuring temperature for environments such us surgery rooms. The two EWAT-B chillers were chosen exactly for this purpose – providing cooling to surgery rooms, where a reliable solution for temperature control is absolutely needed.

As far as Indoor Air Quality, Air treatment for Operation Theatres will be ensured via Hygienic Air Handling Units. While Air Treatment for communal areas and individual doctors’ offices will be ensured by Daikin’s VAM Units.

Domestic hot Water production, then, was ensured by the installation of Altherma Flex EMRQ10 & EMRQ8 units.

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Main aspects


The main aspect driving the consultants’ choice towards Daikin solutions were energy efficiency, reliability and Indoor Air Quality.

Daikin managed to meet all these need thanks to its Bluevolution chiller and heat pump range and its Air Handling Units portfolio.

The R-32 chillers and heat pumps chosen, provided the building with units with the very high energy efficiency levels – the highest in the market in the case of the R-32 heat pump series – and most importantly, provided the building with extremely reliable solutions.

In fact, Daikin can count on the highest number of R-32 installations around the world. That not only means Daikin has the most experience using R-32, but also means that Daikin is the most knowledgeable and reliable brand producing R-32 technologies.

Indoor air quality, then, was an extremely important need Daikin had to meet. In hospitals, patients’ immune system is usually weak and their bodies vulnerable to bacteria, viruses and airborne infections. Daikin’s thoroughly designed AHUs can help reduce the density of infectious particles in indoor spaces by introducing clean, filtered air, that can even be cleaner than outdoor air.

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