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Compliance with regulations is the most important aspect for NESTE project. We met Ms. Thong Lee Ying, HVAC Contractor from Amcrotech Pte Ltd, Ms. Elaine Soong, M&E Consultant from W2Square Consultancy Pte Ltd, and Mr. Sam Chen, Main contractor from Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co Ltd. They are all working on this industrial project for a company in the Oil & Gas sector, in Singapore. The project will require the installation of 10 Daikin chillers.

How Daikin is providing value for the project

“It is an industrial project in Singapore, which involves 10 buildings and an industrial plant. It is split in two packages. One of them will involve a number of office buildings and an electric substation, which will serve the oil & gas plant. The second package, then, will provide cooling for the actual plant. These four chillers will be used  for office buildings and for the electrical substation. The total cooling capacity for this first phase of the project is 3300 kW. However, for the whole project we will install 10 chillers in total.

The key driver for Daikin as a choice

The key driver for our  choice was compliance with regulations. Hence, efficiency. The overall plant efficiency will have to respect the rules imposed by the building and construction authority of Singapore (BCA). It is an organism regulating the efficiency of the equipment used in the buildings. Because of that we really focused on meeting these efficiency targets.Daikin was able to provide really high efficiency values with its TZ series. As a resul of that, we chose Daikin. […] We have had other experiences with Daikin throughout our careers. it is an established brand. Their support is good, and that is very important for us. That is another reason why we directed our chose this brand”.

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