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Daikin has recently supplied 7 water-cooled screw inverter chillers for a hospital renovation project taking place in Estonia.

This project will involve a hospital complex, were a new 14,000 m2 unit will be built to accommodate a centre for modern oncological care for cancer patients.

The complex made of different blocks will have an outpatient chemotherapy department, inpatient chemotherapy and hematology departments. It will also house the Nephrology Centre’s hemodialysis department and the nephrology inpatient department. All of these units are subject to enhanced environmental technology requirements. The new complex will also be the new home of the Pathology Centre. The basement level of the building will have a modern magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) centre, which will give hospital patients much better access to top-flight diagnostics.

Besides the Y-block, the A and B-blocks, basement, ground floor lobby and adjoining areas – about 5,800 m2 – are also being renovated.


Products installed



Total cooling capacity: 4,9 MW


More about the project


The hospital complex undergoing renovation has received an upgrade to its HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system with Daikin chillers featuring inverter screw compressors.

In the world of HVAC, hospitals have unique requirements. With a focus on patient comfort and safety, these facilities demand high reliability and temperature control. The HVAC system was also expected to be energy-efficient, to minimize operating costs and minimize the impact on the environment.

Daikin’s screw inverter water-cooled chillers are designed to meet these challenges head-on. The screw inverter compressors by Daikin offer a highly efficient and flexible solution, ensuring precise temperature control and quick response to changing loads. These chillers also feature advanced control systems that allow to monitor and optimize performance, helping to maintain a comfortable and safe indoor environment.

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The renovation of the hospital complex is a prime example of how Daikin’s technology can be used to enhance the indoor environment while reducing costs and environmental impact. With its innovative solutions and commitment to quality, Daikin is a trusted partner for facilities looking to upgrade their HVAC systems.


More about the solution


The chillers supplied by Daikin are part of the Daikin VZ Series, which features proprietary single screw inverter technology aiming at providing reliability and energy efficiency.

When it comes to single screw compressor chillers Daikin has a history of leadership. In fact, this compressor technology has been chosen for projects all over the world for 20 years.

Daikin screw compressor, differently from a standard screw compressor, uses one main screw meshing with twin star rotors to produce volume matching compression cycle. Due to the main rotor, balanced in both radial and axial direction, the compressor bearing has extremely high reliability. Therefore, its life span can be longer than other screw compressors. The single screw compressor, then, has only three moving parts. As a result of that, it reduces the possibility of failure and keeps operation costs low.

Besides reliability, then, energy efficiency is ensured by the fact that inverter technology will help constantly adapt units’ energy consumption to the actual cooling needs of the area served by the installation, avoiding energy waist.


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