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The new Daikin IEQ Sensor has been recently introduced in Daikin’s solutions portfolio. It is a powerful IoT device with a minimalistic design, able to measure peoples’ well-being in indoor spaces while perfectly fitting any interior design.

The new IEQ Sensor is an Indoor Air Quality sensor able to monitoring and tracking indoor conditions through a set of Indoor Air Quality parameters measurements, so facility managers can have a clear idea of the Indoor Air Quality status in the building they manage.

Other than measuring Indoor air Quality, the IEQ Sensor also measures environmental quality and comfort, plus electromagnetic pollution through parameters related to noise and light, for instance, which also affect peoples’ well-being, especially when they are spend a relevant amount of time in a given indoor space.

This new IEQ Sensor by Daikin guarantees stand-alone installation, and has 12 embedded different sensor that monitors 15 different parameters. It connects to the WiFi network and can be easily configured through a dedicated configuration app and can be integrated to Daikin on Site – Daikin’s remote monitoring and smart maintenance solution.

Once installed, the IEQ Sensor can track values related to Indoor Air and Environmental comfort, transmitting them to Caelum – Daikin’s Indoor Air and Environmental Quality monitoring platform, which allows to easily see what is the status of indoor air and environmental quality in the spaces where the sensors are installed. But it does not stop with that, the web platform Caelum also allows to easily generate report and video wall real time monitoring. Another feature, then, is the possibility to set a notification system when thresholds on specific parameters are exceeded. In this way the system is able to send an alert message when there is a risk for deterioration of the indoor air and environmental quality levels set.


The importance of the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)


The expression Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the quality of the air in indoor environments, which affects building’s occupants during their everyday lives.

Did you know the indoor air we breathe, whether it is at home, at the office, or in a hotel rooms, can be much more polluted than outdoor air?  In fact, indoor air quality can be 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor air. And as we spend 90% of our time in indoor environments, it should be self-explanatory how big is the impact indoor air quality can have on peoples’ lives.

When designing HVAC systems for residential buildings, schools, offices, restaurants or light commercial buildings, many things must be considered. Meeting the cooling and heating demand of in the most efficient way is definitely important, but we should not overlook the aspects such us ventilation, air filtration, which are essential to ensure great indoor air quality.

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Ventilation systems


Ventilation systems ensure optimal indoor conditions by providing a fresh, healthy and comfortable indoor conditions in buildings of all sizes.

In completely closed room, air cannot easily enter or leave, causing air pollutants to remain and accumulate in the room. This usually has the potential to negatively impact the health and well-being of the people in the room. Thus, ventilation is essential to avoid that, diluting and removing air pollutants from the indoor environment.

A well-maintained ventilation system and adequate air-exchange rate have been demonstrated to be an effective solution to protect people from contaminants, including viruses.

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Monitoring Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)


As in many other activities in life, monitoring and tracking not only helps understanding something, but also helps taking actions to improve.

Nowadays most of the things that surround us can be monitored and tracked, even Indoor Air and Environmental quality. Monitoring and tracking IAQ values, not only helps understanding how the surrounding environment affects our well-being, but also helps taking actions to improve the quality of the environment we live on a daily basis, weather it is home, the office, a restaurant, schools or even shops.

Today more than ever, monitoring is essential to understand whether the quality offered by the indoor environments is acceptable or improvement measures are needed. The new IEQ Sensor is Daikin’s answer to the need of creating awareness around an important topic like Indoor Air Quality.

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