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After being launched in 2021, the R-32 Small Inverter Chiller range is about to be extended with the launch of the R-32 Small Inverter Chiller in the Split version, which will be available on the market starting from September the 1st.

This new version will offer the exact same energy efficiency performances and end the environmental sustainability features offered by the R-32 Small Inverter Chiller in the packaged version, extending its application possibilities to glycol free installations in cold climates.

The Air-Cooled R-32 Small Inverter Chiller – Split will be available in the heat pump version, delivering cooling and heating capacities from 16 kW to 90 kW, and will be available from stock for fast delivery to the customer’s site.

The compactness, the wide operating envelope, and the high energy efficiency, will still be the main strengths this new version, still standing out for providing the best efficiency levels in the market, both in cooling and heating mode, and the lowest direct and indirect CO2 emission levels.


The features


Quiet operations, reduced footprint, advanced connectivity, and wide operating limits make the new R-32 Small Inverter Chiller an ideal solution for a wide range of HVAC projects, from comfort to process applications.

Heat pumps are designed to cope with an extended ambient temperature range of -20 ˚C to 35 ˚C, and can produce hot water up to 60 °C.

Notable among the outstanding features offered as standard by this Series are the Daikin design DC-Inverter Scroll compressors, the optimized Cu-AI Coils and the brazed plate heat exchangers. Also included within the unit are high efficiency Daikin design DC-Inverter fans with a selectable silent mode, and an inverter pump kit.

Besides, the Split version will allow components such as expansion valves, pumps and heat exchangers, to be placed in a dedicated box, specifically designed for indoor installation, to protect components and piping from cold weather, and allow glycol free installation even in extremely cold climates.

The Smart Control solutions


Daikin has worked to offer the most advanced features in terms of connectivity and monitoring.

The Smart Control solutions for this Series are specifically designed to reach the highest level of performance and system flexibility.

The R-32 Small Inverter Chiller can communicate with any external BMS and offers the Master and Slave option as a standard – allowing to sequence and connect up to 4 units with one of them selected as Master unit.

The new Series also stands out for its enhanced ability to connect to the Internet through the Internet of Things. In fact, a dedicated Mobile Configuration App can be used to make commissioning extremely easy and quick.

The Smart Control Solutions for the new Small Inverter Chiller also include Daikin on Site, the remote monitoring and system optimization within the Daikin proprietary cloud platform, which ensures full control of the units through detailed monitoring, online alarm troubleshooting and remote control.



Leaders in the development of R-32 technology


The new Small Inverter Chiller strengthens Daikin’s leadership in the design and development of products featuring R-32 refrigerant.

In 2018, Daikin was an early innovator and made history by introducing the first R-32 refrigerant chillers, followed by free-cooling scroll units the same year, and the R-32 Heat Pump in 2020.

Today, Daikin is the brand with the highest number of R-32 installations in the world, as a testimony to the experience, the knowledge, the quality, and the reliability of its R-32 products.

With the introduction of the new Small Inverter Chiller, Daikin continues leading the way towards innovative and sustainable solutions for the Air Conditioning sector.

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