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The new Hydrocube is about to be released. The new Series by Daikin featuring R-410A is being updated to still provide customers with a very valuable solution while ensuring full compliancy with regulations and adding new standard features.

What is new

The Hydrocube is a water-cooled unit available in the heat pump (EWWQ-KC) and condenserless (EWLQ-KC) versions. The new release will offer extended capacity of this Series, which will be able to provide heating capacity (heat pump version) from 13 to 61 kW, and cooling capacity from cooling capacity (condenserless version) from 12 up to 58 kW.

In the heat pump version, then, the new Series will be able to provide a further extended capacity range via mechanical extension, up to 192 kW, taking advantage of a stacked installation of 3 modules, or up to 256 kW with a Control Extension, which allows a 4 modules installation using the Master/Slave control option.

Series design and key features

This Series will offer units with 1 to 6 refrigerant circuits (1 – 6 compressors), depending on the capacity range delivered. Other notable features are the brazed plate evaporator and the brazed plate condenser, components that have been optimized to work in the most possible efficient way with the scroll compressor and R-410A refrigerant, balancing energy efficiency performance, capacity possibilities and compactness of the design.

About reduced footprint, this Series represents an outstanding solution, being able to fit even the narrowest technical room – the smallest sized measures 600mm x 600mm x 600mm in the 1 refrigerant circuit version and 600mm x 600mm x 1200mm in the 2 refrigerant circuit version. This trait makes of this Series a great solution for small to medium light commercial building or even marine applications.

In fact, ships and commercial buildings are important examples of how space can be important in certain projects. In this kind of buildings or facilities, HVAC systems often need to fit small and tight technical rooms. That might happen for structural constraints, which most often than not, is the case of a ship. But it can also happen because the more space is allocated to guest rooms – for example – or restaurants, and all those services that can make for a better customer experience, the more profitable will be the business.

Controls features

The new Series will benefit from the latest control solutions developed by Daikin and used on the important ranges such as the new R-32 Small Inverter Chiller. The control is specifically designed to reach the highest level of performance and system flexibility.

Also, the units of this Series will be able to communicate with any external BMS and be easily connected to Daikin on Site, the remote monitoring and system optimization within the Daikin proprietary cloud platform, which ensures full control of the units through detailed monitoring, online alarm troubleshooting and remote control.


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