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Daikin has recently provided its low GWP screw inverter technology for a University in Netherlands.

With this project the end user wanted to replace chillers installed several years ago, which were using R-134A refrigerant, changing them with more energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

Product Installed



Total cooling capacity: 900 kW


Project background


The project was executed in Maastricht and involved a large facility of an important University.

The building houses a number of departments of a Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences and offers both office space and meeting rooms, workstations, and labs.

For this project the client needed to replace the existing chiller with a more energy efficient and most importantly with a more environmentally responsible technology. So, the goal was finding a more environmentally sustainable solution without affecting the capacity of the system to provide offices and labs with the required cooling, in order to ensure comfort and reliability of the equipment used in the labs.


Main aspects


The main aspect driving the consultants’ choice towards Daikin solutions were the ability to offer a very reliable solution paired up with HFO refrigerant, then fully meeting the needs of the facility involved.

Daikin managed to meet the client’s requests with the TZ Series. Most specifically, for this project, Daikin provided TZ units featuring low GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant R-1234ze and the Daikin Inverter screw compressor.

Daikin single screw compressors are well known for being very reliable. Differently from other screw compressors, it uses one main screw mashing with twin star rotors to produce volume matching compression cycle. Due to the main rotor, balanced in both radial and axial direction, the compressor bearing has extremely high reliability. Therefore, its life span can be longer than other screw compressors. The single screw compressor, then, has only three moving parts. As a result of that, possibilities of failure are reduced, and operation costs are kept at a lower level.

The new single screw compressor is one of the main and most interesting features in Daikin 3rd generation of air-cooled screw chillers.

The new design includes a new screw profile, which ensures outstanding performances even with R-1234ze, still keeping the chillers’ footprint relatively compact.

When paired up with inverter technology, then, the Daikin Screw Compressor becomes a even more efficient solution. In fact, inverter technology helps chillers to perform as efficiently and reliably as possible, especially if they spend most of their operating time at part load conditions.


Take a look here to find out why part load efficiency is important 


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