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The pharmaceutical sector often has stringent temperature and humidity control standards when it comes to choosing the right HVAC equipment. That is the kind of challenge Daikin managed to overcome in the “Pharmaceutical Chiller 5” project.

The project involved a pharmaceutical industrial plant based in Italy. The plant operates on 3 shifts (at full capacity), only stopping manufacturing activities on Saturday afternoon and Sundays.


Products involved:



Total cooling capacity: 1MW


For this project we had the chance to talk with Lorenzo Merluzzi, CEO and Technical Manager at Vaportermica Commerciale S.r.l., who directly followed the project.

He took care of all the technical and commercial aspects, form the initial contact with the customer, to the definition of the needs and the technical-commercial proposal.


Project details


Here is what he said about the project:


“The pharmaceutical plant is located in Udine, Italy. The plant is dedicated to the production and packaging of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Pretty much the whole facility has stringent temperature and humidity control requirements, that are needed to be able to carry out manufacturing activities. That is why the plant needed cold process water at temperatures just above 0°C.

The company was already using Daikin chiller units. In particular three Daikin EWWD-I and a Daikin EWWD-J- chiller, all water-cooled featuring R-134A refrigerant, were already installed and connected to a cooling tower.

The plant is soon expected to increase the workload, and for this reason they have decided to proceed with the expansion of the HVAC plant adding a fifth chiller.

They needed a unit able to provide about 1MW of cooling capacity with water temperatures between 0 and 5°C. And most importantly they needed a reliable unit providing the highest possible efficiency levels.

For this reason, we chose the Daikin water-cooled chiller EWWD-VZ with R-134A refrigerant in the Gold version, which guarantees really high efficiency levels, also thanks to the integrated Inverter technology.

The chiller, then, has been connected to a plant monitoring tool for a centralized and optimized management of the entire refrigeration plant”.


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